Instructions, Guidelines & Policies

Information on this page includes instructions and guidelines on how to work within Dartmouth to accomplish buying and paying tasks.  Other information includes Dartmouth's buying and paying policies. Contact the Procurement Office with any questions.

Instructions & Guidelines

Buying & Paying Policies

Approved Food Provider Guidelines

Chemical Fume Hood and Biological Safety Cabinet Purchases

Chemical fume hood purchases must meet the requirements set forth by FO&M Engineering, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and be appropriate for hazard it is intended to control (Design and Acceptance Testing for New and Renovated Laboratory Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems).  Consult FO&M Engineering for chemical fume hood requirements and EHS with concerns regarding particular hazards that may require specialized equipment.  Biological research at Dartmouth requires biological safety cabinets (BSC) of Class II, Type A2 designation.  If a BSC of another type is needed or desired, consult EHS to determine if the unit will adequately control the hazard.  Prior to order placement, you must contact Facilities Operations to make sure that installation connections are appropriate.  When placing an order, follow the Buying and Paying policies and procedures. 

Employee Purchases

Members of the Procurement Department and other agents of the College are not permitted to make purchases for employees, except in cases where an enterprise has been established for the sole purpose of acting as a distributor for the specified material or equipment for resale to individuals (e.g., the Computer Store).

Freight Claims

The departmental representative is responsible for the inspection of all incoming merchandise. It is strongly recommended that the merchandise be inspected immediately upon receipt as there is a fifteen day period which you have to report concealed damage. The date that the shipper receives the damage notification is the date which governs your ability to file this claim. In the event the person receiving the carton or product itself notices damage they must note this on the Bill of Lading and maintain a copy for the department's records.

The department is responsible for coordinating the return of the merchandise directly with the supplier. In the event Procurement Services placed your order and you have a freight claim or return and need assistance, please keep your packing slip(s) or any corresponding paperwork describing the damages, and contact the Procurement Specialist that assisted you with your purchase as soon as possible.

Needle and Syringe Purchases

Needles and syringes may only be purchased for use in research projects. Each laboratory is responsible for ensuring the proper use and disposal of needles and syringes. Specific sharps disposal containers must be used for disposal of both needles and syringes. All local and federal regulations apply to the use and disposal of needles and syringes. These sharps disposal containers are available through the Remsen and Borwell stockrooms. Please check these stockrooms for availability before purchasing from outside vendors. For additional assistance in sourcing these purchases, contact Cameron O'Brien, Sourcing Manager, (603) 646-2896. For additional safety and disposal information, contact Environmental Health & Safety, (603) 646-1762.

Radioisotope Purchases

Radioactive material use authorization is granted through the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC). Placing an order for radioactivity may only be done by a trained member of an authorized radioactive use laboratory. A radioisotope authorization number (RAN) must first be obtained via BioRAFT before an order may be placed. Once a RAN is obtained the specific isotope order may be completed by calling the vendor directly. If you need assistance with lab authorization, training or BioRaft access, please contact Environmental Health & Safety, (603) 646-1762.

Sole Source Justification

Use this form with any Purchase Requisition that will exceed an aggregate value of $10,000 where competitive bids have not been solicited (or are not available).

Tax Free Alcohol Purchases for Research Projects

Alcohol purchases must be made through the appropriate on-site Inventory Operations. Tax-free alcohol must be used ONLY for the purpose of preserving specimens for use in laboratory and scientific research and educational teaching projects. The Remsen and Borwell Stockroom maintain an Industrial Alcohol User Permit with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to support the scientific and educational research requirements. Federal Laws and Regulations apply to the use, storage and disposal of all alcohol products. For additional assistance with the products available, please contact the appropriate Inventory Operation: Remsen Stockroom at (603) 646-5819, Borwell Stockroom at (603) 650-7583.

Unauthorized Purchases

Vendors should only accept a Dartmouth College Purchase Order or the Dartmouth College Procurement Card. (We cannot guarantee payment of any unauthorized purchases if one of these methods is not used.) Acceptable documents include:

  • Dartmouth College Purchase Order: For use with all purchases of goods and services. When ordering radioisotopes, a radioisotope authorization number (RAN) must be acquired from the BIORAFT system.
  • Dartmouth College Procurement Card: For use with all purchases of allowable goods and services under $5,000.00. Orders may not be pyramided to exceed this total.

Use of the Dartmouth Name and Logos

Dartmouth is the owner of certain trademarks, trade names, symbols and devices, including the name Dartmouth College and the symbols and devices. The use of these trademarks, names, symbols and devices (and others that may be developed) is protected and prohibited without the prior consent and/or licensing by Dartmouth College. For more information about the use of and/or licensing of the Dartmouth trademarks please visit The Office of General Counsel Trademarks page.

Fixed Asset & Equipment Policies

Constructed & Fabricated Asset Policy

Disposal Policy

Moveable Equipment Inventory Policy

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