Index Tracking

The purpose of this dashboard is to track the indexes key to our institutional financial management and decision making. Use the left-side navigation to update the dashboard to reflect the index of your selection. Hover over data points for additional information. There is an additional tab “Data for Download” that contains the data used in the dashboard for self-service analysis. Download instructions below. 

The bar above this text allows you to do several important functions.

Undo & Redo: Forward or backward action that allows you to go back to earlier selections, undo your last action, or go forward to your most recent change. Reset: refreshes the entire page to let you start from scratch. Share: provides two options 1) Send a link: provides a link to another website that stores our visualizations. We would recommend you copy the url from our page rather than using this technique to share the url; and 2) Embed the workbook: Javascript embed code (your website must have the capability to embed Javascript code for the Fact Book section to display). Download: offers several options. Select “Crosstab” for Excel.

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