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Activity Segment Request (xlsx) updated 03/14/2016

Business/Travel Itemization Template (for use with the Payment Request eForm)

Cancellation Form - For Perkins Loans ONLY (pdf)

Cancellation Form - For William Hill Loans ONLY (pdf)

Cash Advance (through the Payment Request eForm)

Cash Advance Return Form

Change Fund

Combined Cash & Check Form(Miscellaneous Receipt Form)

Componentization Template

Confidentiality Agreement

Construction in Progress Setup Form

Corporate Card Cardholder Agreement Form

Corporate Travel Card Credit Line Increase Form

Corrections, Journals, and Transfers eForm: Request correction of a misallocation or internal charge transfer through a journal entry. (5-Day turnaround) 

COVID-19 Supply Order Form

Direct Deposit Form

Economic Hardship Form - For Perkins Loans ONLY

Endowment Funding Segment Request (xlsx) updated 03/01/2017

Equipment Transfer/Sale/Gift Request Form

Exception Log

Expense Report eForm (Employee Reimbursement):Request an iExpense Expense Report for a Dartmouth Employee be prepared by the Finance Center. (3-Day turnaround) 

Funding Segment Request (xlsx) updated 03/14/2016

Geisel Mobile Communication Device Request

Geisel Mobile Communication Stipend Request

General Request eForm: Request payroll actions, chart of account or access changes, reports, payment status or general requests. PASF turnarounds: New Hire: 2-Day; Termination: 3-Day; HRMS: 2-Day from approval 

Gift Facilities/Construction Funding Segment Request (xlsx)

Gift Funding Segment Request (xlsx) updated 03/14/2016

Graduate Fellowship Deferment Form

Hourly-Paid Employees Revised/Prior Timesheet

Hourly-Paid Student Employees Revised/Prior Timesheet

HRMS Organization Request

iExpense (Employee Reimbursement)

Independent Consultant/Independent Contractor Service Agreement
     Note: this form should be digitally signed with an Adobe Digital ID

Independent Contractor Questionnaire (For use with the CMS System)
     Note: this form should be digitally signed with an Adobe Digital ID

Intent to Fabricate Form

In-School Deferment Form

Internal Stockroom Requisition Form

International Staffing Questionnaire

IRS - 8233

IRS - W4



IRS - W9

IRS - W9-S

Materials Management Disposal Request

Merchant Credit Card Account Request Form

Miscellaneous Receipt Form

Military Deferment Form

Mobile Communications Device Request

Mobile Communications Stipend Request

MYLS: Request a change in future dated labor scheduled. (2-Day turnaround)

Name Change Form

Natural Class Segment Request (xlsx) updated 06/23/2016

New Item Request

New Supplier Classification Form

Non-Dartmouth Student Internship Stipend Authorization

Non-Resident Tax Exemption Form

Off-Campus Equipment Form

Organization Segment Request (xlsx) updated 05/12/2016

PASF Information Template (to be used with the General Request eForm)

PA Smart Form (Personnel Authorization Smart Form System)

Payment Request eForm: Request an AP Payment, Cash Advance, non-employee reimbursement or payment (5-Day turnaround)

Payroll Mailing Labels and Instructions

Payroll Stop Payment

Petty Cash Replacement (GL) (xls)

Petty Cash Replacement (PTAEO) (xls)

Position Recruitment Form

Procurement Card (PCard) eForm: Procurement Credit Card; Submit business purpose, chart string and receipt >$75* for P-Card transactions. (Prior to Sweep turnaround)

Procurement Card Application

Procurement Card Distribution Account String Change Request

Purchase Request eForm: Request creation or increase an existing purchase order OR Submit an Independent Contractor Form for review and approval. (2-Day turnaround)

Rehabilitation Training Deferment Form - For Perkins Loans ONLY

Request for Petty Cash Fund

Security Access Form

Sole Source Justification
     Note: this form should be digitally signed with an Adobe Digital ID

SPUD Journal Entries

Student Employee Lump-Sum Questionnaire

Student Loan Forbearance

Student Loan Medical School Loan Deferment/Forbearance

Student Payment Explanation Form

Student Prizes & Awards Request Form: Request processing of a cash or report a non-cash award to a student. (2-Day turnaround)

Subactivity Segment Request (xlsx) updated 03/14/2016

Supplemental Pay Request

Travel Group Booking Form

Unemployment Deferment Form - For Perkins Loans ONLY

Wage Transfer: Request a retroactive change in labor charges. (2-Day turnaround)

WebADI Template (Journal Entries) 

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