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Activity Segment Request (xlsx) updated 03/14/2016

Business/Travel Itemization Template (for use with the Payment Request eForm)

Advance (through the Payment Request eForm)

Advance Return Form

Change Fund

Combined Cash & Check Form(Miscellaneous Receipt Form)

Componentization Template

Confidentiality Agreement

Construction in Progress Setup Form

Corporate Card Cardholder Agreement Form

Corporate Travel Card Credit Line Increase Form

Corrections, Journals, and Transfers eForm: Request correction of a misallocation or internal charge transfer through a journal entry. (5-Day turnaround) 

COVID-19 Supply Order Form

Direct Deposit Form

Endowment Funding Segment Request (xlsx) updated 03/01/2017

Equipment Transfer/Sale/Gift Request Form

Exception Log

Expense Report eForm (Employee Reimbursement):Request an iExpense Expense Report for a Dartmouth Employee be prepared by the Finance Center. (3-Day turnaround) 

Funding Segment Request (xlsx) updated 03/14/2016

Geisel Mobile Communication Device Request

Geisel Mobile Communication Stipend Request

General Request eForm: Request payroll actions, chart of account or access changes, reports, payment status or general requests. PASF turnarounds: New Hire: 2-Day; Termination: 3-Day; HRMS: 2-Day from approval 

Gift Facilities/Construction Funding Segment Request (xlsx)

Gift Funding Segment Request (xlsx) updated 03/14/2016

Host System Access Form (xlsx)

Hourly-Paid Employees Revised/Prior Timesheet

Hourly-Paid Student Employees Revised/Prior Timesheet

HRMS Organization Request

iExpense (Employee Reimbursement)

Independent Contractor Questionnaire (For use with the CMS System)
     Note: this form should be digitally signed with an Adobe Digital ID

Intent to Fabricate Form

Internal Stockroom Requisition Form

International Staffing Questionnaire

IRS - 8233

IRS - W4



IRS - W9

IRS - W9-S

Materials Management Disposal Request

Merchant Credit Card Account Request Form

Miscellaneous Receipt Form

Mobile Communications Device Request

Mobile Communications Stipend Request

MYLS: Request a change in future dated labor scheduled. (2-Day turnaround)

Name Change Form

Natural Class Segment Request (xlsx) updated 06/23/2016

New Item Request

Non-Dartmouth Student Internship Stipend Authorization

Non-Resident Tax Exemption Form

Off-Campus Equipment Form

Organization Segment Request (xlsx) updated 05/12/2016

PASF Information Template (to be used with the General Request eForm)

Geisel PASF Information Template (to be used with the General Request eForm)

PA Smart Form (Personnel Authorization Smart Form System)

Payment Request eForm: Request an AP Payment, Payables Advance, non-employee reimbursement or payment (5-Day turnaround)

Payroll Mailing Labels and Instructions

Payroll Stop Payment

Petty Cash Replacement (GL) (xls)

Petty Cash Replacement (PTAEO) (xls)

Position Recruitment Form

Procurement Card (PCard) eForm: Procurement Credit Card; Submit business purpose, chart string and receipt >$75* for P-Card transactions. (Prior to Sweep turnaround)

Procurement Card Application

Procurement Card Distribution Account String Change Request

Purchase Request eForm: Request creation or increase an existing purchase order OR Submit an Independent Contractor Form for review and approval. (2-Day turnaround)

Request for Petty Cash Fund

Sole Source Justification
     Note: this form should be digitally signed with an Adobe Digital ID

SPUD Journal Entries

Student Employee Lump-Sum Questionnaire

Student Payment Explanation Form

Student Prizes & Awards Request Form: Request processing of a cash or report a non-cash award to a student. (2-Day turnaround)

Subactivity Segment Request (xlsx) updated 03/14/2016

Supplemental Pay Request

System Access Request Form

System Access Form for Host Departments (xlsx)

Travel Group Booking Form

Wage Transfer: Request a retroactive change in labor charges. (2-Day turnaround)

WebADI Template (Journal Entries) 

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