Dartmouth Finance Training

The Dartmouth Finance Training program will equip divisional and departmental fiscal and finance administrators with the knowledge, skills, tools, and strategies required to effectively steward resources, understand and explain financial information, and to support informed decision-making.


  • Staff time will be optimized because everyone will be trained in efficient methods for completing their work.
  • Transactions will be more accurate and completed according to defined best practices.
  • Institutional decision-making will be better supported through consistent and accurate analysis and reporting.
  • Practices across the institution will be standardized according to defined best practices.
  • Staff in financial positions will have transferable skills enable them to move within the organization.

Finance Landscape

College Accounting


Capital Assets, Capital Projects, and Equipment

Gifts, Endowment, and Restricted Funds Management

Procure-to-Pay Lifecycle

Financial Reporting

Analysis and Budgeting

Employee Lifecycle Expense Management

Ethics, Compliance, and Internal Controls

Sponsored Projects Management

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