Dartmouth Budget Committee

The Dartmouth Budget Committee is a standing committee chaired by the Provost. The committee considers resource and budgetary issues for the institution, and provides advice and recommendations to the President and Provost on an ongoing basis.


  • Makes recommendations on the budget for the upcoming fiscal year
  • Provides guidance on the resource needs and priorities for long-range planning
  • Reviews divisional and unit level budget documents focusing on cost implications, identification of reinvestment funds, revenue growth, and priorities
  • Provides a cross-campus perspective on the resource needs and priorities for newly proposed institutional commitments
  • Considers budget implications of internal and external financial risks
  • Communicates with the faculty, staff and the broader Dartmouth community


Executive Committee

  • EVP
  • Provost
  • Deans of Arts & Sciences, Geisel, Tuck, Thayer, Guarini
  • SVP for Advancement

Budget Committee

  • Vice President for Communications
  • Vice President for Finance
  • Executive Officer, Provost Office Chief of Staff
  • Vice Provost for Research
  • Vice President for Information Technology
  • Dean of Libraries
  • Dean of the College
  • Vice President for Campus Services
  • Chief Operating Officer for Advancement
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Vice President for Alumni Relations
  • Associate Academic Dean from each of: A&S, Thayer, Geisel and Tuck, if appointed by the Dean.
  • Chair, A&S Committee on Priorities and chairs of comparable committees in Geisel, Thayer, and Tuck, if applicable
  • Executive Dean for Administration and Finance, Geisel School
  • Assistant Dean, Guarini School
  • Deputy Dean, Tuck School
  • Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, Thayer School
  • Associate Dean for Finance and Operations, Arts & Sciences

Support Team for the Budget Committee:

  • Assistant VP for Finance, Budget and Planning
  • Assistant Vice President for Treasury Management
  • Chief Operating Officer, Campus Services
  • Director of Finance, The Geisel School of Medicine
  • Assistant Provost for Fiscal Planning and Operations
  • Executive Director, President's Office
  • Assistant VP for Finance, Financial Services and Performance
  • Secretary to the Board of Trustees


The executive committee meets at least quarterly, and as needed, as part of the Deans Meetings with the Provost.

The full committee meets at least monthly from September through March.

Working groups made up from the membership will address specific topics and will meet as needed. Working groups will report back to the full committee.
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