Dartmouth Travel Assistance Program

To assist Dartmouth travelers in coping with the risks of travel, Dartmouth has partnered with International SOS & Starr to provide medical and security assistance and international travel medical insurance when traveling internationally on Dartmouth-sponsored programs.

Dartmouth College
International Travel Medical Insurance 
Starr Summary of Benefits 23-24
Click here for an FAQ on the international travel insurance and assistance program

The terms and conditions of Dartmouth's Travel Assistance Program have changed effective July 1, 2020 as described below.

Important considerations or services associated with the program are:

  • Eligible individuals are Dartmouth students, faculty, staff, college officials, volunteers, board members and Dartmouth-approved guests, under the age of 85, while traveling internationally (outside of their permanent country of residence) on Dartmouth-sponsored activities and dependents while traveling with a covered employee.
  • Pre-trip information and consultation on travel health and security issues.
  • Medical, dental, and counseling referrals.
  • Emergency and routine medical advice.
  • Sojourn travel: 14 days prior to a trip, during a trip, and after a Dartmouth-sponsored trip.
  • Urgent and emergency international medical insurance.*
  • Emergency dental insurance.*
  • Outpatient mental health sessions.*

*Administered by International SOS.

  • Emergency security evacuation as deemed necessary by ISOS/Starr.
  • Emergency medical evacuation and medically supervised repatriation, for eligible individuals as deemed necessary by ISOS/Starr.
  • Routine medical insurance charges incurred by traveler are traveler's responsibility and will need to be submitted to traveler's health insurer for reimbursement.
  • Dartmouth community members are eligible for discounted personal travel coverage by visiting ISOS membership or calling 1-800-523-8662.

This summary of the Dartmouth Travel Assistance Program does not constitute a promise of benefits. Please contact Risk Management and Insurance or call 603-646-2442 for a complete description of ISOS &/or Starr's terms, conditions, limitations, and charges. 

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