Employee Lifecycle

Recruitment & Hiring

Provides information and Information guidance on the staff posting of position through extending an offer.


Onboarding Checklist for Managers

  • The Onboarding Checklist is designed to guide manager through effective onboarding of a new employee. Responsibilities outline responsibilities of the Manager and a Peer Partner from prior to the employee’s first day through the first month.

Onboarding Resources for New Employees

  • The Onboarding Resources provide information resources on all that Dartmouth College employees have at their disposal to help acclimate to the community.

Payroll Authorizations

Payroll Authorizations (PAs) are used to establish a new employee, make changes to the information of an existing employee, or end employment of an existing employee.

Wage Transfers & MYLS (Labor Schedule Changes)

Information in this section is designed to provide guidance on the process of making labor schedule changes or corrections or transfers to payroll charges.


Employee End of Employment Checklist

  • The Employee End of Employment Checklist provides employees leaving the College items that need to be completed prior to their final day of work.

Manager Offboarding Checklist

  • The Manager Offboarding Checklist provides the manager of an employee that is leaving the College or position items that need to be completed prior to the employee’s final day of work.
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