Cards for Employees

All regular Dartmouth employees are entitled to a Dartmouth ID card. The Card is a convenient tool for campus-related needs and amenities, such as discounts to performances and movies at the Hopkins Center; entry to buildings with permitted access; and, use at libraries across campus to borrow books, journals, CDs and DVDs.

Your ID card can also be used to receive discounts at local merchants and national companies participating in the D-Perks program. The DartCard office does not oversee the D-Perks program, and we do not have information on the participating businesses. For more information on the Benefits of the Dartmouth ID card, please consult with a Human Resources Consultant.

Note: As the primary affiliation is as an employee, an employee will not be eligible for a student ID card.

Employees are able to take classes and participate in graduate programs. Those employees would not be able to obtain a student ID card. For the student ID card to be available, the employment with Dartmouth College would need to be fully terminated. Employees cannot hold a student affiliation as the primary affiliation while they are active in HRMS, whether being paid and receiving benefits from Dartmouth College or non-paid.

Self-Service Photo Submission

In-office visits are welcome, though for expediency, remote photo submission through the GET Mobile app is recommended. To do so, we ask that employees review the photo requirements provided below and follow the guidance for the next steps.

For sponsored visitors: Department sponsored visitors (affiliation: SPON) are not enabled for submitting photos remotely.

For new employees:

Legal/Government issued ID is required to submit a new photo - this must be done through the GET Mobile app at the same time a cardholder photo is provided for the submission to succeed. 

Please use the below photo-guidelines to help us issue your ID card:

  • Plain white or light-colored background (example: plain wall)
  • Subject should be front-facing (no side or angled views)
  • Passport-style headshot (we cannot accept any torso-view photos)
  • No hats or sunglasses
  • No hand gestures or symbols
  • Appropriate lighting (no direct sunlight, or dim/shadowed lighting)
  • NOTE: Photo file size should not exceed 800 KB for successful processing.


Once the Finance Center has processed the Payroll Authorization for a new employee, the new employee will be able to access their ID card user account with GET. To login, use your Dartmouth College Web Authentication credentials. 

Photo Upload with the GET Mobile app

From the GET Mobile app (developed by The Cbord Group Inc.), find the settings icon and tap the photo upload option. Follow the on-screen prompts to submit a user photo and validating legal ID. Photos of the front and back of a legal ID are required for submitting a user photo for the Dartmouth College ID card.

Photos are manually reviewed and processed on an intermittent schedule. You will receive an email to your Dartmouth College email address when the photo has been reviewed--whether accepted or not.

When photos are accepted, ID cards are available for pick-up approximately one hour after the photo has been accepted. (Note: complications for ID card accounts are rare, but they do occur. We will do our best to advise a new employee if a complication is found during processing.)

Obtaining an ID Card

Employees working remotely have the option to receive their ID card/replacement in the mail. To do so, please be sure to email and indicate the US mailing address where you will be able to receive the ID card. Otherwise, in-person ID pick-ups are available.

To obtain the first-time card in-person at McNutt Hall (room 103 for Campus Billing and DartCard Services), individuals must present a valid form of photo ID (such as a  state-issued ID or Driver's License, or passport). Once a Dartmouth ID card is issued and entered into our system, reprinted ID cards do not require this verification.

Some departments require employees to wear the ID card as a badge. Please check with your supervisor to see if this is the case in your department. Please note, if your department wants you to wear your ID card as a badge, DO NOT punch a hole through the card. This will damage the proximity chip inside the card and the door access feature will no longer work.

Learn more about the Employee DartCard and the available employee spending accounts.

Please contact us with any questions.

Replacement ID Cards for Current Employees

Walk-in office visits for replacement ID cards are welcome.  

If you wish to have your replacement ID card prepared ahead of your visit, please call or email to request a replacement for a lost card/damaged card. Please allow time for processing -- we will respond to emails confirming when the replacement is available for pick up.

The current photo on record will be used for the replacement. If you would like to update your photo, please be sure to do so using the online tool through GET (or the GET Mobile app) prior to making your request.

(Please know that the moment we print the replacement ID card, the former ID card will de-activate. At that point, the former ID card is no longer available for use on campus.)

Employees working remotely have the option to receive their ID card/replacement in the mail. To do so, please be sure to indicate the US mailing address where you will be able to receive the ID card. Otherwise, in-person ID pick-ups are available. Please contact us with any questions.

Status/Role Changes for Employees

If your employee status is changing from Temporary/Part-Time to Permanent/Full-Time, the status update in HRMS (Human Resources Management System) will flow to the ID production system. This will deactivate the existing ID badge, and generate a "placeholder" in the ID card record. The employee should then visit the DartCard office to obtain an updated ID card reflecting the new status/role.

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