D-Pay is Dartmouth's electronic billing and payment system. It provides online access to all student account statements and if you choose, allows online payment using your U.S. checking or savings account. D-pay is an easy-to-use user interface that includes real-time integration with Banner.

Accessing D-Pay

Campus Billing produces two account statements per term, as indicated in the Billing Schedule. When a new statement is available on D-Pay, the student and any parents or authorized users will receive an e-mail notification from Student Financial Services. The subject line of the E-mail will be "New statement for your student."


  • Go to DartHub.  Enter your NetID and NetID Password.  Then click on the D-Pay tile or search for "D-Pay" in the search box.

Parents/Other Authorized Users:

  • Visit the D-Pay interface. Enter your e-mail address and your D-Pay password.

Important: Before a parent (or other authorized user) may access D-Pay, the student must first authorize access.  D-Pay will send this link and a temporary password to the parent.  The parent will then create a new password.

The D-Pay system is available 24 hours a day. Billing dates vary by college and program. Please view the billing schedules.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Authorize Parents/Other Payers
eRefund Setup
Make Payments
Password and Communication Preferences
Payment Plans
Security Settings for Students and Parents/Other Payers
View Account Activity
View Billing Statements

Important D-Pay Information

  • Charges are posted for specific academic terms and can include tuition fees, meal cards usage, etc. Campus Billing will post charges in the term in which they are received. Dartmouth undergraduate and graduate/professional students are not always in the same academic term at the same time. All payments will be applied to all charges.

  • Billing statements are a snapshot in time. Once issued, statements will not change. Current and future transactions will appear on the next scheduled statement. Students and authorized users may view all account activity in D-Pay. Click on the eStatements tab to view account activity since the last billing statement.

  • As soon as a payment is made, the account balance (on the main page of D-Pay, “My Account”) will update to reflect the payment.  Please note that term balance(s) will change only when payments are applied to charges on a daily basis.

  • Parents and other authorized users who have more than one student at Dartmouth can see all student changes from one account login.  Student who attend Dartmouth with a sibling and share the same parent/authorized payer should enter the same authorizer e-mail address in D-pay. Example:  If Mom has two E-mail addresses, both students should enter the same one.  This will ensure that the parent may access both student accounts from one parent login.

  • If a student is receiving an outside scholarship, that amount may be deducted from the “Amount Due.” Please let Campus Billing know when paying less than the statement's total amount due by completing the Payment Explanation Form.  Completing this form will ensure that any late charges are waived and students will be cleared for “Check In” (a required online process that students complete every term).

  • While paying a bill on D-Pay is quick and convenient for individuals with a U.S. checking or savings account, making payments on D-Pay is optional. International payments may be made through a wire transfer (please contact Campus Billing) or Flywire. Another payment option is to print a copy of the statement and mail it with a check or money order (must be in U.S. currency), made payable to Dartmouth College, to this address:

Dartmouth College
Campus Billing
6132 McNutt Hall, Room 103
Hanover, NH 03755-3541

  • D-Pay is for viewing Student Account statements and will only accept Student Account payments. Once you are no longer enrolled as an active student at Dartmouth College, your access to D-Pay will end.
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