Dining Plan Change Requests

Submitting a Dining Plan Change

First Year students matriculating in the Fall are committed to their assigned dining plan. More information about this policy and the dining plan is available on the Dartmouth Dining website, including other details about dining locations.

Important Information

The policy for dining plan requirements will be upheld, including as it is applied to housing assignments.  Please contact Residential Life for more information about the housing contract.

The off-campus plan will not be provided based on housing situation. A change must be requested. 

Enrollment in the on-campus apartment plan is eligible based on the specific housing assignments. This plan will not be provided based on housing. A change must be requested. 

Changing Your Dining Plan

Please review your Dining Plan status before you submit for a change. We invite you to check the dining plan billing via D-Pay recent term activity. Also, we encourage you to review the available dining plan options. To do so, please visit Dartmouth Dining dining plan information page.

When your first tuition statement for the new term becomes available, please review your pre-assigned dining plan and billing through D-Pay.

Once the dining plan change request form is submitted, a copy of the change request will be sent to the inbox of the email address provided on the form. Due to the volume of changes performed, further confirmation will not be sent.

Dining Plan adjustments can be viewed through the recent term activity of your D-Pay account. As soon as term begins, your Dining Plan status can be viewed through DartHub, or on your GET Funds account.

The dining change request form will be available when new term dining plan billing has posted to D-Pay.

We are no longer accepting dining plan changes for the 2021 Fall Term.

The deadline for submitting dining plan changes was September 15th at 4:00PM

Dining plans are locked-in as of the 3rd day of term.

Fall Term Dining Plans Start: September 11th

Fall Term Dining Plans end on Move-Out Day.


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