Office of Emergency Management

Welcome to the Dartmouth Office of Emergency Management website! This site has been designed to provide the Dartmouth community with the knowledge and training opportunities to prepare for the unexpected.

The Dartmouth Office of Emergency Management encourages you to look through the site and see the diverse resources available to you, but here are a the top two (2) things we recommend to be most prepared for an emergency at Dartmouth College.

  1. Sign up for the DartAlert Emergency Mass Notification System and learn about Emergency Communications at Dartmouth College.
  2. Review the guides on Safety Tips and Common Hazards at Dartmouth to learn how to make a personal emergency kit, other individual preparations before crisis occurs, and what to do in an emergency situation.

Emergency Preparedness FAQ

What is an emergency?

Any event that threatens the functionality of the Dartmouth community can be considered an emergency. Some examples of these include:

  • Seriously stall or impair the College’s ability to function in the short or long term
  • Result in mass casualties, serious injury or extensive property damage
  • Significantly impact the College community


What to do in an emergency?

Safety Tips for several different emergencies that could occur on campus can be found at Safety Tips. Dartmouth reviews its emergency procedures on a regular basis; this includes refining processes, designed to deal with various types of emergencies, monitoring developing events and issues and providing appropriate information in a rapidly changing environment.

How to prepare for an emergency?

If you haven’t already, a great place to start is familiarizing yourself with the Dartmouth Safety Tips and Contacts. You can also expand your access to emergency resources by downloading the LiveSafe App and registering with DartAlert Mass Notification System.