Register for Emergency Notifications

Stay Informed and Receive Emergency Updates when Dartmouth has an emergency by registering for Dart Alert & downloading the LiveSafe Mobile App!

During an emergency, Dartmouth Safety & Security relies on DartAlert to inform the Dartmouth community what is going on and the necessary actions they need to take to remain as safe as possible. Once registered, the individual will receive emergency notifications via text, email ,voice call, and as a desktop notification if connected to the network in the event of an emergency on campus.

With the AlertUs Desktop application installed, and when you are connected to the Dartmouth Network, a full screen alert will take over the screen if there were to be an emergency.

The LiveSafe Mobile App, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, provides a quick and convenient way for you to watch out for your friends, or to quickly report a safety concern to Safety and Security. The app provides access to Dartmouth emergency contact numbers, allows for anonymous reporting, grants easy access to Dartmouth emergency information and gives the option of having a virtual safety escort by select friends/family through SafeWalk and GoWalk.