About the Office of Emergency Management

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Sept. 11, 2023

Dear Dartmouth Community:

Welcome to Dartmouth! The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) within Safety & Security is an additional resource for the campus community that constantly works for a more prepared and resilient Dartmouth. Our office strives to support Dartmouth Safety & Security’s Mission Statement by engaging our community through educational training opportunities, continual emergency planning processes, and verifying effectiveness of campus emergency procedures.

Staffed by the Campus Emergency Manager and Emergency Management Specialist; these individuals are responsible for several emergency management-related initiatives at Dartmouth including:

  • Facilitate emergency planning amongst the various departments and facilities on campus.
  • Provide routine training opportunities to the Dartmouth community.
  • Exercise emergency plans to ensure their practicality if/when a true incident occurs on campus.
  • Manage the Dartmouth Mass Notification System (DartAlert) & Outdoor Warning Sirens System

In the event of a catastrophic incident occurring on or near campus, we will alert the campus community via DartAlert (Dartmouth’s emergency notification system), which is a multimodal system of communications comprised of an outdoor siren and audible speakers, mass email, cellphone (voice and/or text), telephone, and desktop alerts. Our office highly encourages the Dartmouth community to sign up for DartAlert, install AlertUs in their desktop or laptop computer, and download and install LiveSafe in their smartphone. They can do all of this via this link:(https://www.dartmouth.edu/security/information/emergency

For more information about emergency management, explore our website and/or contact:

Campus Emergency Manager
Emergency Management Specialist