Cashiering Operations

The Cashier’s Office processes departmental deposits, accounts receivable and student account payments, and manages change funds. All payments will be processed on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the last business day of the month. Payments received after 12:00pm will be processed on the next cashiering day.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable encourages you to pay your invoice through the Speedpay System. If you have any questions about your bill or payment, please contact Accounts Receivable.

Cash & Check Handling Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish and promote awareness of the minimum requirements and establish best practices for proper cash and check handling.  This policy is not only for the protection of the College monies, but also for the employees charged with cash handling. Our office no longer accepts cash. 

Read the full Cash & Check Handling Policy.

Payables Advance

This process is through your Finance Center. Please click here to Request a Payables Advance. See our Finance Best Practices for more information. If you have further questions about a payables advance, please contact your Finance Center.

Returning Funds

When returning funds for unused Advances, there are two methods. Employees and students may return unused funds either by debit or credit card click here or by check/money order to the Cashier's Office. We no longer accept cash. Please make check payable to "Trustees of Dartmouth College". You will need to complete a Advance Return Form when returning funds.

For more information see: "Returning Unused Advance Funds"

Change Funds

A Change Fund can only be created for the sole purpose of providing change at a college event or location where customers are paying in cash with more than the exact amount. This fund is never to be used to pay expenses for an event. It is simply a fund to make change and should always remain the same amount as originally established.

As of October 1, 2021, we are working forward to reduce cash used on campus. Please contact us to discuss your request for a Change Fund.

Change of Custodian

No transfers of these funds from one employee to another are allowed. Please contact the Cashier's Office for this request.

Closing a Change Fund

The current custodian must close the fund by filling out the Request Change Fund form and checking the Close Fund box. Once complete, submit the form along with the cash to the Cashier's Office. The full amount of the fund must be returned.


The Cashier’s Office handles departmental deposits. All deposits should be accompanied by a completed miscellaneous receipt. The miscellaneous receipt must have a complete chart string (natural class must be included), the amount of the deposit, and a line description. Please contact your Finance Center with questions regarding the chart string. If you have more than three checks, please run an adding machine tape to verify the deposit amount and staple to your miscellaneous receipt. No checks should be stapled to the receipt. Please review all checks received for accuracy (i.e. correct date, signature) prior to making your deposit. Please refer to the cash and check handling policy.

Deposit Corrections

Corrections should be submitted through the Corrections, Journals, and Cost Transfer eForms for all Source System corrections, such as Cashier or Payables manual journal entries or cost transfers. When submitting for a correction to a transaction that has posted to the incorrect chart string account, it is necessary to provide the IRA Transactions “Corrections” Financial Report.

To access this report: 

  • Go to Institutional Reporting & Analysis (IRA)

  • Click on GL Transactions and use the Filter Selections to target your transaction for correction

  • Click “Apply”

  • Next in the Select a View drop down, select “Corrections”

  • Select to export to Excel

  • In the Excel, add the transfer to account where the transaction should be moved

Note: It only is necessary to complete the “Reason for Transfers” field on the eForm, when providing the GL Transactions “Corrections” Financial Report

Click here to learn more about Corrections & Cost Transfers

Direct Depositors should contact Institutional Accounting for their corrections.

Student Account Payments

Campus Billing encourages you to pay your bill on D-Pay which is found using DartHub. If you have any questions about your tuition bill or payment, please contact Campus Billing.



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