Submit Photo for Dartmouth ID Card

New matriculating students incoming for Fall Term are welcome to submit photos over the summer for their ID card. Submit one to us before August 5th, and we can print your ID card ahead of time! Using the requirements outlined below, submit a photo to be issued on your Dartmouth College Student ID card.

Please note, the ID card photo is considered directory information. It is used in College subsystems, such as class rosters and other resources. This means that the photo you upload will also be in campus systems viewed by faculty and administrators.

Photo Requirements

  • The photograph must be a headshot, like a passport-style photo (we cannot accept any torso-view photos)
  • The photograph should NOT be taken outside as direct sunlight causes shadows, glare, or reflections which we cannot accept.
  • The photograph must have a light-colored plain background (suggestion: indoor plain wall).
  • Make sure top of head is not cut off and is clearly visible.
  • The photograph must be in color, focused, and taken in good light -- no dark or shadowed photos.
  • The photograph must show a full face, front view of the cardholder, no profiles or angles.
  • The cardholder must appear in normal street attire (no costumes), without a hat or other headgear and no dark glasses.
  • The photograph must be that of the cardholder only (no other people, no animals or objects, etc., are permitted).
  • NOTE: Photo file should be .JPG or .JPEG and the file size should not exceed 800 KB for successful processing.


Any photo submitted will be reviewed for adherence to these requirements. The DartCard office reserves the right to reject any photo.

If you have trouble uploading your photo, please contact us.

New Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Information for new UG students to obtain their new student ID card will be available in late-spring. Graduate students may receive an invitation to submit their photo online for the ID card.

Valid ID (driver’s license/permit, non-driver ID, passport, or other government issued ID) must be shown to pick up a first-time ID card.

If your submitted photo is rejected for any reason, you will be able to re-submit with another picture. 

For the Fall Term cycle, once your submitted photo is accepted, the card is sent to print.

Photo Update for Returning Students

The option to submit uploaded photos for ID cards is offered to new First-Year, Transfer and Exchange, and Graduate/Professional Schools students. 

If returning current students wish to update their photo, they may do so at any time. Please note that ID cards will not be printed unless requested separately.

If your ID card has been lost, stolen, or damaged, please email or visit our office to inquire. Please do not upload a photo as this will NOT serve as your request for a replacement.

If you would like to only update your photo, please email or call to inquire. Please do not upload a photo as there are other implications to consider. The photo update may not be processed due to scheduled ID card preparations for new/incoming students, or there may be a delay. Alternately, if uploaded, the photo may be processed and a replacement ID card may be printed. This would deactivate an existing ID card, and a $25.00 replacement fee may be assessed.

How-To: Photo Upload

Upload your photo with GET online or through the mobile app!

From the GET website on any browser:
After logging in using your Dartmouth web authentication credentials, you will see the "Overview" screen.
Use the Quick Links menu, located on the left of the screen, and select “Upload ID Photo.”
On the Photo Upload screen, select the “Browse” button and search on your computer/device for the photo.
Follow the on-screen prompts to complete uploading the photo for your ID card.
Note: Google Chrome is not recommended, as users have reported issues when using the browser to access the features of the GET website.
Reminder: Photo file should be .jpg format no larger than 800kb for successful processing.

On the "GET Mobile" mobile app:
Go to settings.
Select “Upload.”
On the Photo Upload screen, select “Upload” to open the source options. Take a new photo, or search the photo library on your device.
Follow the on-screen prompts to complete processing your photo in order to upload it for your ID card.


We have heard from some students experiencing difficulty uploading photos. For the best user experience, we recommend using these web browsers: Firefox or Safari. Please note, users have reported problems with the Google Chrome browser.

For the best user experience, we recommend using the mobile app "GET Mobile" from the developer The Cbord Group Inc.

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