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The Dartmouth College Vendor Guide brochure, available through the Procurement Services, is intended to acquaint you with the procurement policies and procedures of conducting business with Dartmouth College. We feel a better understanding of what Dartmouth requires will be mutually beneficial, whether you are being considered as a new vendor or have been doing business with the College on a regular basis. Procurement Services requests that you conduct your business on the Dartmouth campus in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Report to the Procurement Services with each visit.
  • Call ahead for an appointment whenever possible. This will ensure that you have access to the appropriate individual for your intended visit. A listing of the personnel in Procurement Services with the areas of responsibility can be found here. Be prepared to discuss at least one new idea, a new product, current market trends, and any other new cost saving ideas during your visit.
  • Make arrangements with the appropriate member of Procurement Services before delivering equipment to a department for evaluation purposes. An Evaluation Purchase Order is required prior to the delivery of any equipment for evaluation purposes.
  • Accept only the Dartmouth College Purchase Order or the Dartmouth College Procurement Card. (We can not guarantee payment of unauthorized purchases.) Acceptable documents include:
  1. Dartmouth College Purchase Order: For use with all purchases of goods and services. When ordering radioisotopes, a radioisotope authorization number (RAN) must be acquired from the BIORAFT system.
  2. Dartmouth College Procurement Card: For use with all purchases of allowable goods and services under $2,500.00. Orders may not be pyramided to exceed this total.

Any questions regarding the above documentation or contents should be directed to the Director of Procurement Services or designate.

Procurement Services Organization

Procurement Services primary objective is to procure all necessary materials, equipment, and services required by all College undergraduate and graduate departments from the most reliable sources. All purchases will be consistent with quality, service provided, and at the lowest possible cost.

The appropriate Procurement Staff member will distribute information or arrange meetings with other departments, if appropriate, that have a use for your goods or services. Review the separate insert in the Vendor Guide brochure listing the personnel in Procurement Services you may come in contact with, along with their assigned areas of responsibility.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

The following terms and conditions will apply to all orders unless there is a controlling agreement in place between "Dartmouth College" and the vendor.  The terms effective dates which correspond to the order date.

Facts and Objectives

Procurement Services has the authority to negotiate for the procurement of all materials, equipment, and services, except for utilities (electric and water), library books, food, and commercial insurance. Procurement Services must be informed of all pricing and other information that may be conveyed to individuals at Dartmouth undergraduate and graduate departments. The College does not assume responsibilities for goods or services ordered by unauthorized personnel.

  • To assist College undergraduate and graduate departments in the procurement of materials, equipment, and services to meet their daily requirements.
  • To evaluate new goods and services, new vendors, current market trends, and any new cost containment suggestions resulting in savings to the College.
  • To maintain a working relationship with approved vendors and to procure their goods and services on a fair and competitive basis.
  • To actively seek Small Businesses, Small Disadvantaged Businesses, and Women Owned Businesses to provide goods and services to the College.
  • To promote fair, ethical, and legal trade practices.

Ordering Policy and Procedures

  • If you are selected to furnish Dartmouth College goods or services, you will receive a Dartmouth College Purchase Order number or a Dartmouth College Procurement Card number at the time the order is placed.
  • Purchase Orders are generally not printed and sent to the vendors unless requested.
  • Under no circumstances shall the vendor accept a Dartmouth College Purchase Requisition as a Dartmouth College Purchase Order. The Requisition is an internal document requesting a Purchase Order to be processed.
  • Accept and acknowledge the Purchase Order immediately.
  • Ship all goods, preferably prepaid, in accordance with specific shipping instructions requested at the time the order is placed. Presently, we do not have central receiving at Dartmouth College and any shipments sent incorrectly will either delay the payment or be reported missing and require tracing on your part.
  • Vendors shall not substitute products without the prior consent of Procurement Services and/or the requisitioning department.
  • Under no circumstances can vendor representatives walk a Purchase Order through the system in order to expedite the process. There are no exceptions.
  • Dartmouth College employees may not accept gifts beyond those of an advertising nature and insignificant value, generally distributed to all customers.
  • Dartmouth College employees shall not accept purely social entertainment offered or sponsored by vendors. Entertainment in this case, is not intended to include an occasional business meal or functions where Dartmouth College stands to benefit from the association.
  • Special pricing can not be offered to specific departments. Special price agreements must be offered campus wide. All special price offerings should be brought to the attention of the appropriate individual in Procurement Services.
  • Vendors shall not set up display booths or promotional events without prior authorization of the appropriate individual in Procurement Services.
  • All advertisements left or distributed on campus shall be reviewed and approved by the appropriate individual in Procurement Services prior to distribution.

Payment Procedures

Invoices, referencing the Dartmouth College Purchase Order Number, must be sent to the following address:

Dartmouth College
7 Lebanon Street, Suite 313
Hanover, NH 03755

E-Mail Invoices to

  • Do not send invoices to the delivery address or within a shipment. This procedure will only delay the payment. Payment terms should be clearly stated on each invoice. If payment has not been received within the billing terms or after a reasonable period of time has elapsed, the vendor may contact the Accounts Payable Department (603) 646-3878 regarding the status of any overdue invoices. In order to research this inquiry, a valid Dartmouth College Purchase Order number must be provided.
  • Invoices for materials, goods or services will not be paid without the reference of a valid Dartmouth College Purchase Order number. Invoices not referencing valid Purchase Order numbers on file in the Accounts Payable Department will be returned to the vendor. This procedure will further delay the payment.
  • Dartmouth College policy prohibits payment from statements; therefore, each Purchase Order must be invoiced separately. Vendor billing statements must reference the Dartmouth College Purchase Order numbers for our personnel to research overdue invoice problems.
  • Under no circumstances can vendor representatives walk an invoice through the system in order to expedite the payment. There are no exceptions.
  • Do not submit invoices for Procurement Card transactions. If invoices must be submitted due to vendor system requirements, all invoices must indicate that these transactions were processed on the credit card with $0.00 balance due.

Research Participant Payments Policy and Procedures

  • This Policy is intended for payments to research subjects that can raise issues with regulatory, financial and academic areas. The goal of this document is to provide information on roles and responsibilities, processes for review and approval of payments, and appropriate mechanisms for payments and required documentation.

Contractors, Vendors and Service Provider Parking

Vendors visiting the Dartmouth campus may park in designated visitor parking spaces. Vendor Representatives are required to contact Dartmouth College Parking Operations (603) 646-2204 to inform them of the location of their vehicles. Vendor Representatives visiting the campus on a regular basis are asked to register their vehicles with Parking Operations.

OSHA Regulations

All materials or equipment procured by Dartmouth College for use by its employees must be in full compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Act requirements and regulations.

Insurance Requirements

Vendors providing a labor service for Dartmouth College are required to file proof of insurance with Risk and Internal Controls Services before commencing any work on campus.

Vendors are required to submit evidence of insurance coverage showing name of insurance company, coverage limits, and expiration date. Insurance coverage should be in accordance with the College insurance requirements. If there are any questions pertaining to this requirement, you may contact the Office of Risk and Internal Controls Services at (603) 646-2441.

Food vendors providing a  service for Dartmouth College are required to file proof of insurance with Procurement Services before commencing any work or deliveries on campus.

Catering and Food Providers Insurance Requirements

Approved Caterers and Food Providers List

Vendors Providing Chemical Products Covered Under The Federal Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200)

In accordance with the requirements outlined in the Federal Hazard Communication Standard, Dartmouth College requires that all chemical products sold to the College be accompanied by a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

Whenever possible, the MSDS paperwork should be included with the products being purchased by or donated to the College. When this is not possible or practical, the MSDS paperwork must be sent directly to the responsible person using the product(s).

Do not send MSDS paperwork to Environmental Health and Safety or Procurement Services. If the products are being ordered for one of our inventory operations, MSDS paperwork must be included with the shipment or sent directly to the appropriate stockroom shipping address.

Dartmouth Policies Pertinent to Vendors

Affirmative Action
Child Sexual Abuse Reporting
Confidentiality of Business Information
Conflict of Interest
Consensual Relationships and Employment of Relatives
Drug-Free Campus and Workplace
Electronic Communications
Emergency Procedures
Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination
Health & Safety
Lobbying and Political Activities
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Misconduct, Disciplinary Action Concerning Co-Employee Complaints
Weapons Policy

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