Vendor Guide

The Dartmouth College Vendor Guide is intended to acquaint you with the procurement policies and procedures of conducting business with Dartmouth College. Understanding what Dartmouth requires is mutually beneficial, whether you are being considered as a new vendor or have been doing business with the College on a regular basis.

Table of Contents

Becoming a Supplier
PaymentWorks Vendor Portal
PaymentWorks FAQ for Departments
Sprintax for Non-Resident Payments
Working with Procurement
Bid Proposal Notifications
Ordering Policies & Procedures
Supplier Diversity
Supplier Ethics, Responsibility, & Safety

Procurement Services Organization

Procurement Services primary objective is to procure all necessary materials, equipment, and services required by all College undergraduate and graduate departments from the most reliable sources. All purchases will be consistent with quality, service provided, and at the lowest possible cost.

The appropriate Procurement Staff member will distribute information or arrange meetings with other departments, if appropriate, that have a use for your goods or services. 

Facts and Objectives

Procurement Services has the authority to negotiate for the procurement of all materials, equipment, and services, except for utilities (electric and water), library books, food, and commercial insurance. Procurement Services must be informed of all pricing and other information that may be conveyed to individuals at Dartmouth undergraduate and graduate departments. The College does not assume responsibilities for goods or services ordered by unauthorized personnel.

  • To assist College undergraduate and graduate departments in the procurement of materials, equipment, and services to meet their daily requirements.
  • To evaluate new goods and services, new vendors, current market trends, and any new cost containment suggestions resulting in savings to the College.
  • To maintain a working relationship with approved vendors and to procure their goods and services on a fair and competitive basis.
  • To actively seek Small Businesses, Small Disadvantaged Businesses, and Women Owned Businesses to provide goods and services to the College.
  • To promote fair, ethical, and legal trade practices.
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