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Dartmouth College has partnered with PaymentWorks to handle the collection, validation, and management of all vendor information.  PaymentWorks is a cloud-based software that is both easy and free to use.  Vendors will receive an invitation to register and will be able to enter all of their information safely and securely. 

Additional benefits and details are outlined in our frequently asked questions provided below.

You can find more information about PaymentWorks on their website:

PaymentWorks FAQ for Departments

PaymentWorks FAQ for Vendors

Overview & Benefits of Use:

General Information:

Registration Challenges & Questions:

What is the new PaymentWorks Vendor Portal?

PaymentWorks is Dartmouth College’s new cloud‐based vendor onboarding solution.

What are the benefits of using PaymentWorks?

Vendors will now have a streamlined process for managing their profile and contact information, securely entering and updating their banking information, selecting their preferred payment method, viewing their payment status and history, and updating important documents for tax, insurance, and various certificates.  

What Payment methods will I be able to choose from in the system?

There are four payment methods, all with different terms:

  • Single Use Account (SUA) – Pay upon receipt
  • Electronic ACH – Net 45
  • Paper check – Net 90
  • Wires (for international suppliers only)

I already have contracted terms with Dartmouth, will those still be honored?

Yes, during the registration process please answer “Yes” to the question that asks this specifically. A member of our Procurement team will be in touch to review and discuss the existing terms.


I am a Diverse Supplier. Will PaymentWorks caputre that information?

Yes, you will be able to identify yourself as a diverse supplier through the vendor registration and upload your diverse certification.


How am I able to update my contact or banking information?

Vendors can access and update their own information within the PaymentWorks portal.

I am a foreign supplier, can I enroll through PaymentWorks?

Yes, all suppliers can enroll through PaymentWorks. The custom forms will change to accommodate the supplier depending on the vendor type and how the questions are answered. Wires will be the only payment method available for those with foreign bank accounts. A domestic (US) bank account will be required in order to sign up for ACH payments.

When are W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E forms required?

These Certificate of Foreign Status forms are only required if the vendor is performing work inside the United States. If the work is performed outside of the United States, these are not required.

How do I enter my 501(c)(3) status?

During registration when you are selecting the tax classification please select "Other" and then manually enter "501(c)(3)". 

Can I check on my invoice and payment status through PaymentWorks?

Yes, once enrolled, you will have the ability to view invoice/payment details in PaymentWorks.

Can I have someone at Dartmouth fill out the online registration form on my behalf?

No, since the onboarding process requires an email invitation and the vendor to complete and attest to their own information, it can only be done by the company being onboarded. can be contacted to help guide vendors through the process if any questions arise.

I do not have the technical capacity to fill out the online registration. What should I do?

Contact for guidance if you are unable complete the registration form.

What if I have additional technical questions regarding PaymentWorks?

Please contact


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