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Dartmouth College has partnered with PaymentWorks to handle the collection, validation, and management of all vendor information.  PaymentWorks is a cloud-based software that is both easy and free to use.  Vendors will receive an invitation to register and will be able to enter all of their information safely and securely. 

Additional benefits and details are outlined in our frequently asked questions provided below.

You can find more information about PaymentWorks on their website: 

PaymentWorks FAQ for Departments

Guidance for Foreign Vendors

The following documents are made available to guide foreign vendors through the required fields necessary to complete the foreign registration form within PaymentWorks.

Foreign Individuals (PDF)
Foreign Entities (PDF)

PaymentWorks FAQ for Vendors

Overview & Benefits of Use:

General Information:

Registration Challenges & Questions:

What is the new PaymentWorks Vendor Portal?

PaymentWorks is Dartmouth College’s new cloud‐based vendor onboarding solution.

What are the benefits of using PaymentWorks?

Vendors will now have a streamlined process for managing their profile and contact information, securely entering and updating their banking information, selecting their preferred payment method, viewing their payment status and history, and updating important documents for tax, insurance, and various certificates.  

What Payment methods will I be able to choose from in the system?

There are four payment methods, all with different terms:

  • Virtual Card (SUA) – Pay upon receipt
  • Electronic ACH – Net 30
  • Paper check – Net 45
  • Wires (for international suppliers only

    Virtual Card (SUA) = A Virtual Card (SUA - Single Use Account) is a payment method that acts similar to a credit card, with associated merchant fees.

    ACH = An ACH payment is a type of electronic bank-to-bank payment, similar to direct deposit.  Only available for those with US banks.

I already have contracted terms with Dartmouth, will those still be honored?

Yes, during the registration process please answer “Yes” to the question that asks this specifically. A member of our Procurement team will be in touch to review and discuss the existing terms.


I am a Diverse Supplier. Will PaymentWorks capture that information?

Yes, you will be able to identify yourself as a diverse supplier through the vendor registration and upload your diverse certification.


How should I enter my name in the system?

For all name fields, please enter your name as you would like it to be displayed on a check. Dartmouth prefers that individuals use mixed case format, with a leading upper case letter followed by lower case, ex: John Smith.

How am I able to update my contact or banking information?

Vendors can access and update their own information within the PaymentWorks portal.

How does PaymentWorks validate banking information? Will I be contacted?

PaymentWorks uses various methods and industry-leading software to validate vendor's banking information. In some occurrences they will still need to speak with someone listed on the account and yes, you may receive a phone call to confirm your details.

What forms may be submitted in the system?

  • W-8 BEN-E or W-8 BEN, if you are a foreign vendor/non-resident alien performing work inside the US
  • Form 8233, if appropriate (see question below)
  • Insurance Certificate, if appropriate
  • Food Safety Certificates, if appropriate
  • Diverse Classification Certificates, if appropriate

When must I fill out a Form 8233?

If you want to claim an exemption from withholding and you meet all the following criteria:

  1. You are an individual
  2. You are providing a service in the US
  3. You have a US taxpayer ID number
  4. There is a tax treaty between the US and your country of residence for the type of service being provided

Please note that claiming a treaty on the 8233 may delay payment as a copy must be provided to the IRS for approval.

If you fill out an 8233, you do not need to also fill out the W-8 BEN, however if you do not fulfill all four conditions you must complete the W-8 BEN if you are providing services in the US.

What address should I use on my insurance certificate(s)?

Trustees of Dartmouth College
7 Lebanon St, Ste 313
Hanover, NH 03755

I am a foreign supplier, can I enroll through PaymentWorks?

Yes, you can. The custom forms will change to accommodate the vendor type and which questions are needed. A domestic (US) bank account will be required in order to sign up for ACH payments. Wires will be the only payment method available for those with foreign bank accounts. Please make sure to enter your intermediary bank account details, when appropriate.

If your country does not have a SSN or TIN to enter in the required field, please access the Help Center and contact Support in order to obtain a placeholder ID to use for your registration

Can I check on my invoice and payment status through PaymentWorks?

Yes, once enrolled, you will have the ability to view invoice/payment details in PaymentWorks.

On the home page when you first enter PaymentWorks, click on the “Invoice” tab from the top menu bar. You should then see a list of your invoices with Dartmouth College.  Each invoice can be clicked on in order to view the full invoice details.

Screenshots that show the tab detail and how to export into an Excel file can be viewed on this PaymentWorks article.

Can I have someone at Dartmouth fill out the online registration form on my behalf?

No, since the onboarding process requires an email invitation and the vendor to complete and attest to their own information, it can only be done by the company being onboarded. Access the Help Center and contact Support for additional guidance if questions arise.


I am already registered in PaymentWorks under another school/organization. How do I connect my account?

Please follow the steps outlined on this document (PDF).

I am a foreign vendor without a SSN or TIN, how can I complete my registration without these required fields?

Please access the Help Center and contact Support in order to obtain a placeholder ID to use for your registration.

I am having trouble loading my W9, what should I do?

You can either enter the information in manually, or if you have the W9 you can contact Support through the Help Center and provide the file through the Contact Support button.

How do I transfer or change the email account my registration is connected to?

If you are able to log into your account, do so and click on the 'account' link in the top-right corner of the screen. Then click on the blue 'edit' button and update your email account. Be sure to click the green 'save' button to finalize all changes. You will then be able to sign into the account using the new email address. If needed, you can also change the Password on the account as well.

If you are unable to log into your account, access the Help Center to contact Support and they can assist with the update.

I do not have the technical capacity to fill out the online registration. What should I do?

Contact for guidance if you are unable complete the registration form.

What if I have additional technical questions regarding PaymentWorks?

Access the Help Center to contact Support for additional guidance.


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