Vendor Accounts & Other Purchases

Dartmouth Vendor Accounts

For items that Dartmouth has a vendor contract, purchases go through the suppliers’ direct internet catalogs using your P-card, or you may place a non-catalog orders through Oracle iProcurement.

Office Supplies

WB Mason is Dartmouth's preferred vendor for office supplies. To have an account set up, please contact Procurement Services. You will receive an introduction email from WB Mason to guide you to finalize your set-up and begin shopping. 

When ordering, Dartmouth Building and Room locations are selectable – just enter your bldg. and or room in the search box .  If you cannot find your room location listed, enter it in the special instructions field of your current order and they will add your location for future orders.  You can also contact Bonnie Leithead for assistance.

Scientific Items

If you do not already have an account registered with preferred suppliers’ direct websites, you should go to the appropriate websites using the links below to setup your accounts.  Once in the site, look for links to accounts and/or registration.  We have listed below our primary science suppliers and links to their websites so you can setup your user accounts.  If you have any issues with your new set-up for VWR or Fisher Scientific, please reach out to their sales reps to ask them to assist you.

VWR, Fisher Scientific & Other Vendors

  • View the list of account numbers.
  • Please choose the account for your default shipping location. If you shop and ship to multiple locations for many individuals, you will soon be provided access to all locations at Dartmouth.


Airgas will be increasing their prices on several items effective October 1, 2022. This is reflective of the terms Dartmouth's membership with the Educational and Institutional Coop. The approved rate of the annual increase is 4.00%. Click here for a detailed commodity and material costs list.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Cameron O’Brien

Mobile Communication Devices

Dartmouth provides personal communication devices to employees who require them in order to fulfill their job requirements in one of three ways: 1) by issuing Dartmouth owned devices, 2) by providing a communication stipend, or 3) by reimbursing business calls for infrequent users.

Eligibility will be approved within a department or division based on an employee's business need. General guidelines for eligibility include the following:

  • Employee is required to be fully accessible, at any time of day, to the public, Dartmouth faculty, students, staff, or alumni by telephone or electronically
  • Employee's job requires frequent travel to a remote location or significant time away from their office
  • The employee has the need to receive or initiate communications in emergency situations

Read the full Mobile Communication Device & Service Policy.

Mobile Communications Stipend Request Form

Mobile Communication Device Request Form

Industrial, Rare and Specialty Gas Purchases

The College has contracted with Airgas East and Merriam-Graves to supply industrial, rare and specialty gases to the campus. Both vendors have local operations with daily deliveries if necessary. Send a completed Dartmouth Purchase Requisition to Procurement Services at HB 6114 or you may fax your request to (603) 646-3810. For those departments utilizing the Dartmouth Procurement Card, contact the vendor directly with your order. The following information must be provided:

  • Type of gas
  • Size of cylinder
  • Quantity of each cylinder product
  • Grade and purity, if applicable
  • Vendor's customer number if available
  • Correct delivery instructions - Department name, building, room number, requestor's name

    For additional contract information or assistance in sourcing these purchases, contact Cameron O'Brien, Sourcing Manager and Buyer, (603) 646-2896. Departments are responsible for the return of empty or unused cylinders. Both vendors charge either a monthly cylinder rental fee or yearly lease fee. Each vendor will periodically take an inventory of their cylinders to track the quantity and location on campus. For further assistance with the rental charges, contact Jessica Bernatchy, (603) 646-1850.

Animal Purchases

The ordering process for purchasing animals is as follows:

  1. Contact the Center of Comparative & Medical Research (CCMR) Office to get an AR number. A valid chart string or PTAEO must be provided when obtaining the AR number.

  2. Call the supplier to place your order using the Animal Request (AR) number. They should send all invoices to Dartmouth College, Accounts Payable, 7 Lebanon Street, Suite 314, Hanover, NH 03755

  3. The CCMR will send two copies of the AR to the appropriate department. One copy must be signed and forwarded to Accounts Payable at HB 6021 for invoice matching purposes. Procurement Services doesn't require a copy.

  4. If you happen to receive an invoice copy in your department send it to Accounts Payable at HB 6021 for them to match up with the copy of the AR requisition to acquire accounting information.

Signs and Plaques

The College maintains a Sign Shop within the Paint Shop at FO&M (603-646-3125) which can produce almost any type of sign. Contact Work Control to order interior signs.

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