Check Management

Please follow the processes outlined below to manage common check-related needs.

Void a Check
Stop Payment
Check Reissue
Check Pick-up

Void a Check

This following is the process when you have a physical check in hand that needs to be voided (not stop payments)


  1. Finance Center or Department receives a check back that needs to be voided
  2. Write VOID across the check
  3. Write the following on the check stub or check if stub is missing
    1. Do not reissue (if not needed)
    2. Reissue (what needs to be corrected)
  4. Scan check
  5. Create General Request eForm and select "Returned/Voided Payments" for the request type,
    1. Provide explanation of why or reason for voiding the check (not needed, cancelled event, incorrect address, incorrect vendor, incorrect amount, etc.)
    2. Attach scanned check
    3. Click submit
  6. Shred voided check (no need to send paper copy)
  7. Accounts Payable staff will void the check and reissue if necessary
  8. The scanned voided check will be loaded into OnBase in the AP-Voided Checks Queue
  9. Departments and Finance Centers with access in OnBase can query the voided check if needed

Stop Payment

A Stop Payment should be requested when the physical check is not available and has been:

  • reported either lost or stolen
  • sent to the wrong payee or address
  • not received after 10 business days from being issued
  • deemed unusable for another reason 

Note: If the check is available, a Stop Payment is not necessary and the check should be voided.

Stop Payment is designed to cancel and stop a check payment from being processed through the bank when the check is not available to be voided.  Dartmouth is charged for each Stop Payment, so there is an incentive to have the paper check returned to the College whenever possible.

A Stop Payment will not be processed until it has been 10 business days after the check's issue date unless the check has been sent to the wrong payee or address or if it is lost or stolen.


  1. Reach out to your Finance Center or complete the General Request eForm to request a Stop Payment
  2. If a Stop Payment is authorized, a Stop Payment form will be completed by the Finance Center
  3. The Finance Center will send the Stop Payment form to the department to be reviewed and signed by the payee. The only exception to the payee's signature on the Stop Payment form is when there is an error in processing the payment on the part of the College.
  4. The signed Stop Payment form is returned to the Finance Center on the General Request eForm
  5. The Stop Payment General Request eForm is routed to the Controller's point of contact for verification that the check has not cleared the bank and to issue the stop payment with the bank.*
  6. The Stop Payment General Request eForm is routed to Accounts Payable to either be canceled within the Accounts Payable system and reissued, if necessary.

Check Reissue

If the check has not been cashed, then a stop payment will be placed and a replacement check will be mailed to the payee within 10 business days.

*Note: The request will be canceled if the check has been cashed in any of the above scenarios. 

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