Finance eForms

Corrections, Journals, & Transfers: Request correction of a misallocation or internal charge transfer through a journal entry. (5-Day turnaround) - Attach the IRA GL Transaction Corrections Report when submitting a correction. 

Expense Report Request: Request an iExpense Expense Report for a Dartmouth Employee be prepared by the Finance Center. (3-Day turnaround) - Expense Reporting Itemization Template

General Request: Request payroll actions, chart of account or access changes, reports, payment status or general requests. (PASF turnarounds: New Hire: 2-Day; Termination: 3-Day; HRMS: 2-Day from approval) - 
PASF Hiring Information Templates below

MYLS: Request a change in future dated labor scheduled. (2-Day turnaround)

Payment Request: Request an AP Payment, Payables Advance, non-employee reimbursement or payment - Expense Reporting Itemization Template

PCard: Procurement Credit Card; Submit business purpose, chart string and receipt >$75* for P-Card transactions. (Prior to Sweep turnaround)

Purchase Request: Request creation or increase an existing purchase order.

Student Prizes and Awards: Request processing of a cash or report a non-cash award to a student.

Wage Transfer Request: Request a retroactive change in labor charges. (2-Day turnaround)

Supplemental Templates for eForms:

Expense Reporting

Hiring PASF Templates: 

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