Financial Analyst Forum

Started in 2019, the Financial Analyst Forum ("FAF") is a group that brings together employees from across Dartmouth who have an analytical component to their job. 

Overview: The primary goal of the forum is to improve analytical skills through sharing of analytical projects, best practices, new technology, and techniques being used by different roles and functions from around the College. It also provides networking opportunities, along with an avenue to bring forward challenges or issues that you are facing for which feedback from a group like this would be helpful.

Meeting Frequency: The group aims to meet at least three times a year, generally over zoom, with one in-person session each fall.

Membership:  The group is made up of members at all different skill and experience levels – from Financial Analysts and Administrators to Directors and Fiscal Officers.  

If you are interested in joining the Forum, or if you have questions, please contact Ryan Scelza or Jake Kransteuber.

Previous Topics Covered (examples)

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