The Dartmouth Card (DartCard)

The Dartmouth Card is your official College I.D. and so much more. The card is used for almost all services on campus including: dining plans, checking-out library books, accessing residence halls and attending athletic events.

About the Card

The Dartmouth Card is the simplest and fastest way to pay for everything you need.

If your Dartmouth Card is lost or stolen, simply notify the Dartmouth Card Office during regular business hours (call at (603)646-3724), or the Department of Safety and Security (call at (603)646-4000) to have it deactivated for the safe-keeping of your accounts. For more information, see "Lost or Stolen."

Door Access

The Dartmouth Card Office does not determine the validity of door access requests. We do not have authorization to add or alter door access privileges. Please contact the building manager of the area which you are seeking to access.

Support & Policies

Customer Support

The Dartmouth Card Office provides Administrative Fees and Fines customer support and can help identify the office or department responsible for posting specific charges. This information is also available by viewing your account transactions through Banner Student or a registered GET Funds account.

Please know that while the Dartmouth Card Office does hold the Administrative Fees and Fines account, we are not responsible for the charges posted to it (with the exception of the lost or stolen Dartmouth Card replacement fee).

Questions relating to specific charges should be directed to the individual College department that posted the charge.

Dining Plan Changes Support

Dining plan change requests are only accepted from the student. Change requests are only accepted through the online change form. For security and consistency, students must log into web authentication in order to submit a change request.

First year undergraduate students are committed to their billed dining plan for their first fall term on campus.

When active, the form will be available through a link on the DartCard information page for Dining Plan Change Requests.

Answers for frequently asked questions and general facts about dining changes can be found on the DartCard information page for Dining Questions & Concerns.


Administrative Hold: Unpaid Fees & Fines

The practice to place holds against registration Check-In for unpaid balances in the Fees & Fines account associated with the student ID card has been suspended. As of August 2019, any owed balance in the Fees & Fines account associated with the student ID card will be reset and transferred for billing to the student account with Campus Billing/D-Pay in time for the tuition bills release each term.

Students are invited to monitor their Fees & Fines balances and charges through the “Dash Account” feature in DartHub. Be sure to select the Fees & Fines account in the dropdown for transaction detail.

If students would like to pay Fees & Fines before they are billed to their student account, they may do so through GET Funds or the CBORD GET mobile app.

Unpaid Balances Reset

Card account owed balances are subject to reset each billing cycle. These system operations clear any negative balances in the Dash Discretionary or Administrative Fees and Fines accounts, and transfers them to the student account/D-Pay. After such action has occurred, the Dartmouth Card Office no longer holds those balances and cannot accept payment toward them. Payments for owed balances transferred from the Dartmouth Card accounts must then be processed on D-Pay.

Contact Us

Main DartCard Office Phone: (603) 646-3724


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