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It is important to have fun and to have fun safely. Because there is the potential for risk in all activities, either to property or life safety, assessing and appropriately addressing these exposures before the event may help reduce the risk to the College.

When assessing the potential risk exposures of your planned event, consider the following:

  1. Risks inherent to the type of activity, such as:
    • Activities involving alcohol
    • Activities with a potential risk of fire or explosion
    • Athletic events
    • Moderate to extreme sport activities
  2. Contractual Risks. Among other things, contracts determine who will pay the costs associated with a loss. It is important to be sure the contract assigns financial responsibility to the appropriate party before you sign.
  3. Use of insurance compliant vendors. Before your event, refer to our insurance guidelines for the list of current insurance compliant vendors and the insurance requirements for those outside vendors providing goods and/or services to the College not currently on the list.

Because of the risks associated with your activity or event, you may be required to purchase "Event Insurance" to protect the College from undue risk. Click on the following link to complete an on-line application; click the dropdown list to find Dartmouth College then Go, then click on products at the top:     It's fast and easy! 

Proper planning can go a long way in making your event safe and successful.   If you would like more information on any of the above, please contact Risk Management and Insurance at (603) 646-2442.

Other resources to help with planning your event include:


Please contact Dartmouth College's Conferences and Special Events office (link above).  They can be reached at 603.646.3749.  Liability insurance can be purchased through this website:; click the dropdown list to find Dartmouth College then Go, then click on products at the top.

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