Property Insurance

The College insures College-owned property through an “All Risk” blanket policy.  Perils covered include fire, flood, wind and other lesser perils.  This policy is subject to a large deductible.

If any department has College property stored or maintained at a non-College location, an inventory listing should be provided to our office to ensure proper reporting to our insurance company.

All claims for property damage loss should be reported to Risk Management and Insurance as soon as possible.  Please contact our office at 603-646-2442 for any questions.

Personal Property Exclusion

It is important to understand that the College's fire, crime, equipment floater and data processing insurance policies protect only College-owned property. The personal property of students, faculty and staff in College buildings is not covered under the College insurance programs. It is strongly recommended that individuals who have their own personal property (including art, rugs, books, computers, etc) in their offices, studios, labs, dorm rooms, etc., purchase their own insurance to cover these items, or assume the risks which are inherent. Homeowner's or renter's insurance may provide the necessary protection, but any coverage should be verified from the individual's insurance provider.

Leased Property/Equipment

Anyone negotiating contracts to rent or lease property or equipment on behalf of the College should be mindful that insurance coverages often required by the lessor may NOT be a part of the College insurance program. If the terms of a lease/rental contract require insurance coverage, the Office of Risk Management and Insurance should be consulted BEFORE finalizing the agreement.

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