Amazon Business

Dartmouth has worked with Amazon to implement an institutional Amazon Business account. Anyone purchasing from Amazon on behalf of Dartmouth College must do so via the Dartmouth Amazon Business account.

Amazon Business Accounts

P-Card and Corporate Card holders must transfer and/or activate their Amazon Business account using their email, no personal emails are permitted.

Shopping on Amazon Business is as simple and user friendly as As an added benefit, you will have immediate access to:

  • Free Standard Shipping on ELIGIBLE orders over $25
  • Institutional Amazon Prime Account
  • Easy Price Comparison Shopping
  • Transparent Total Shipping Costs
  • Discover Small, Women and Minority Owned Businesses
  • Automatic tax exempt purchasing on items sold by LLC and participating 3rd party sellers
  • Business Pricing and quantity discounts on millions of items
  • Access to a specialized business only Customer Service team at 866-486-2360

No personal purchases are allowed on the Amazon Business site.

For more information, please see the frequently asked questions. For questions, please contact Procurement Services.

FAQ's - Getting Started

Who can use Amazon Business for purchases?

Dartmouth College employees may utilize the Dartmouth College Amazon Business account for approved business purchases.  Purchases must be made using a valid email address and a Dartmouth College PCard or Corporate Card.

Do I have to use Amazon Business for Dartmouth College purchases?

If you are going to make a purchase for Dartmouth business and you want to purchase from Amazon, you must use the Dartmouth College Amazon Business account, not the Amazon consumer marketplace.  It’s not mandated that employees purchase from Amazon. 

What can I purchase through the Dartmouth College Amazon Business account?

Please see the Dartmouth College Business Expense Policy for appropriate business purchases. If you are using your Dartmouth College PCard or Corporate card, please review those policies for appropriate card use.

Dartmouth College PCard Policy

Corporate Travel Card Information

How do I create my Amazon Business account?

You can access Amazon Business by clicking the link directly from the registration email you received. The first time you access Amazon Business you will be prompted to set up your account.

 Use your email address and create a password.

What if I haven’t received an invitation?

Be sure to check your spam or deleted email folders. The registration email is sent directly from ( If you still cannot locate the email, contact Procurement Services.

How do I register as part of the Dartmouth Amazon Business account?

Please read the following instructions prior to accessing Amazon Business. This will ensure your account is set up before making purchases.

  • Scenario 1 I have never used my email address on
  • Scenario 2 I already use my email address to make PERSONAL purchases on
  • Scenario 3 I already use my email address to make BUSINESS purchases on

When I access Amazon Business for the first time, I am prompted to log in with a password.  I do not know my login information.

You are asked to enter a password because you have an existing account with Amazon with your email address. If you cannot remember the password, please select the “forgot password” button to reset. If you are still having trouble resetting the password, please call Amazon Business Customer Service at 888.281.3847 and ask them to reset it for you.

Can I use the new Amazon Business account for PERSONAL use?

No. The central Amazon Business Account must be used for Dartmouth business purchases only, in accordance with our purchasing policies. The Dartmouth Procurement Services team will have access to all purchasing history made through the Amazon Business account.

I forgot my password for my Business account and am unable to reset the password.

Please contact Amazon Business Customer Service by clicking Contact Us (preferred method) or at 888.281.3847.

I already have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account with my work email, so I can’t use the same email again for Amazon Business.

Please contact Amazon Business Customer Service by clicking Contact Us (preferred method) or at 888.281.3847 and they will help troubleshoot this issue for you.

How do I contact Amazon Business Customer Service?

Amazon Business Customer Service can be reached by clicking Contact Us (preferred method) from within your account or at 888.281.3847.

What if I previously used my email address to register for a verified Amazon Business account?

If you previously used your email address to register for an Amazon Business account, you will need to deregister that account. Your information and order history will still exist and will follow the user to the next Amazon Business account if you choose to convert your existing account when accepting the invitation. All previous, stand-alone, Amazon Business accounts will be consolidated under the new, centralized account.

How do I deregister my account?

  1. Log into your Business Account
  2. Download an order history report for the past 6-12 months
  3. Deregister your existing account
  4. Email to request your invitation to be sent to you
    NOTE: The terminology on this screen can be confusing. Rest assured your order history will not be lost, your account will be converted back to an Amazon consumer, allowing you to join the central Amazon Business account.

I tried to deregister my account but it says “I don’t have permissions to close this account.” How should I proceed?

The reason you do not have permissions to close your account is because you are not the administrator of the account you are tied to. Please reach out to the administrator on the existing account and have them remove you. If you are unsure of who your account administrator is, please contact Customer Service at 888.281.3847.

Payment Method

What form of payment should I use to make Amazon Business purchases?

Dartmouth College employees can use PCards, Corporate Cards or purchase orders on the Dartmouth College Amazon Business account.  This information can be entered ahead of time in ‘Your Account’ or during the checkout process.  PCards and Corporate Cards can only be used for orders under $2,499.  Purchase Orders can be used for orders over $2,499. See the relevant Dartmouth policies:

What happens if the Dartmouth credit card that is saved in my profile, gets compromised?

When you receive the replacement card you will need to login to the Amazon Business account, go to your profile and update your credit card information.

I purchased products on the Dartmouth College Amazon Business account.  How do I reconcile the purchases to ensure the correct chart string is charged?

The reconciliation process for PCard and Corporate Card purchases remains unchanged. Receipts are not required for Amazon Business purchases made with your PCard unless the charge is over $75 and the supplier does not provide item details.  If this is the case, someone from your department or Finance Center will be in touch.  Receipts are required for purchases made with your Corporate Card for all charges over $75 since item details are not available on these cards.

Is there a definite distinction between my Amazon personal account and my Amazon business account?  Could my credit card information for one account show up on the other account?

Your accounts should remain separate, but you should verify the last four digits of your Dartmouth credit card when checking out.

Buying Policies

What Product Categories are available to purchase?

Amazon Business includes all items that are available on, plus additional business-specific products.

Are there any category restrictions?

There are several product categories that may contain items that are not compliant based on our organization’s purchasing polices. You may see “Company Restricted” messaging throughout the shopping experience. Product pages marked as “Company Restricted” are not available for purchase; however, you are responsible for ensuring your purchases are compliant with company policies and guidelines. You are responsible for the purchases made under your account.

Manage Suppliers

How do I search for suppliers in Amazon Business?

For hard to find items sold by a specific supplier, you can search for suppliers by name and apply filters, such as star rating and business location of the supplier, to narrow down your search results. You can also use a combination of search and filters. Once you find a supplier, you can add them to your list of Saved Suppliers. The list makes it easy for you to learn more about your favorite suppliers -- you can visit a supplier’s profile page (their storefront), or contact them by selecting Ask a question

To add a supplier to your Saved Suppliers list, do either of the following:

  • Search for a supplier, then in the search results, select Save for Later from the Action menu – OR – Navigate to a seller's profile page by selecting the seller name, then selecting Save for Later

To remove a supplier from your Saved Suppliers list, do either of the following:

  • Select Remove from Saved in your list of saved suppliers or on the seller's profile page, select X Remove Supplier

Tax Exemption

I was charged sales tax on my order even though my Amazon Business account is setup for tax exempt purchasing. How do I get refund?
Because Amazon provides a marketplace made up of millions of sellers, there are instances when sellers may still charge tax on a tax exempt purchases. Contact the Seller directly to request the refund.

  1. From within your account, navigate  to “Your Orders”
  2. Find the item that was charged tax and click “Contact the Seller”
  3. Enter subject as “Tax Exemption Refund Request”
  4. Include the order number and amount charged

A tax refund cannot be completed until the item has been delivered. If you have issues contacting the seller, or other order related questions, please contact the Business Customer Service.


How will I know when I will receive an order?

The person who placed the order will receive a confirmation email that will state the items estimated delivery date and shipping speed. You can also view the shipping details on the Your Orders page.

How do I see the orders I placed after joining the Amazon Business Account?

From within your account, navigate to Your Orders. The default view will display all orders “Paid For By You”. If your organization is utilizing a central payment method (i.e. not your individual purchasing card), select “View All Orders” from the drop-down menu.

My order will not process, what should I do?

If your order will not go through please validate that your credit card is not expired and your billing address is correct. Check with Dartmouth Procurement Services regarding any purchasing card transaction limits.

Can I save products I purchase frequently?

Yes, create Lists! To begin, hover over Lists in upper right corner of your screen and select Create a List

  1. Select This list is for: you from the drop-down menu
  2. Select list type: Shopping List or Reorder List
  3. Name the list
  4. Privacy: Private
  5. Create List


What address should I be using?

You are responsible for adding your site address the first time you check out, or you can add it to your account settings prior to the first time you check out. Go to Your Account > Your Addresses > Add Address > Enter in Site name in “Full

Name” section. When you check out, you will be able to add a user name, or department name, so that it is clearly labeled on the shipping label

How do I track my Amazon Business delivery?

You can view real-time delivery details for all pending orders, including estimated delivery date and carrier information. From within your account, navigate to Your Orders > Track Package.

Is two-day delivery available on all items?

No, it depends on the item and the seller.

Does Amazon Business ship via the same carrier all the time?

No, All packages are not delivered through UPS, third party vendor may choose UPS, USPS or another shipping company and reliable tracking is not guaranteed when item is not received in first attempt.


To return an item, access your Amazon Business account. Navigate to “Your Orders” to find the item(s) you want to return.  From Your Orders:

  1. Select Return or Replace items
  2. Choose a reason for return
  3. Print label and authorization
  4. Prepare package and return label

Items shipped and sold by can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment. Return policies, and timeframes, can vary if purchase was made from a 3rd party seller.

Prime Account

What items are eligible for Business Prime Shipping?

Millions of products are eligible for Business Prime Shipping and are designated with the Prime logo. You’ll be charged applicable shipping fees for items not eligible for Business Prime Shipping.

Are there other benefits besides Free Two-Day Shipping with Business Prime?

Besides Free Two-Day Shipping on millions of eligible items, Business Prime Shipping provides all Dartmouth employees access to Prime Early Access and Prime Day deals. Business Prime Shipping currently does not include consumer programs such as Prime Pantry, Fresh, Music, or Video.

What should I do if I purchased an individual Prime Membership with my Dartmouth credit card?

Our Amazon Business account has Business Prime Shipping that covers all Dartmouth College users. You must follow the below steps in order to cancel your Prime Membership and receive a refund or pro-rated amount back to the original form of payment.

  1. Create your Dartmouth Amazon Business account
  2. Log into your Dartmouth Amazon Account
  3. Navigate to “End Your Amazon Prime Membership
  4. Follow the prompts on the screen to cancel your Prime Membership without having to reach out to Customer Service.
  5. A pro-rated refund will be automatically calculated and issued to the original payment source

Can I use Business Prime Shipping benefits on my personal account, too?

No. Business Prime Shipping benefits can only be used with your Dartmouth Amazon business account.

What do I do if I bought a Prime Membership with personal funds on my Amazon account?

If you were using your business email for your personal Amazon account and purchased a Prime Membership with personal funds, you will have the option once you register to split off your personal order history and Prime Membership to a personal account. 

Customer Service and Feedback

Can I talk directly to Amazon Customer Service if I have a problem with an order from a third party seller?

Amazon recommends that you reach out to the third party seller first.

How do I contact Amazon Business Customer Service?

Amazon Business Customer Service can be reached by clicking Contact Us (preferred method) from within your Amazon Business account. Or, by phone at 888.281.3847 (you will be required to provide additional information to validate your account by phone). Please use this team for anything relating to an order, transaction, shipment, and general Amazon related inquiries as well.

How do I share feedback about Amazon Business with Dartmouth College Procurement?

Contact Procurement Services at or call 603-646-2811

What is “A to Z guarantee”?

The Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee protects you when you purchase items sold and fulfilled by a third-party seller. Our guarantee covers both the timely delivery and the condition of your items. If either are unsatisfactory, you can report the problem to us and our team will determine if you are eligible for a refund. 

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