Tuition Prepayment

The Tuition Prepayment Plan (TPP) is offered to Dartmouth students and families as a way to prepay undergraduate tuition. By prepaying undergraduate tuition, families will be exempt from future tuition increases for the duration of their plan.

About the Plan

Dartmouth College will accept prepayments of total undergraduate tuition at the rate in effect when the student enters the Plan. The total of prepaid tuition is equivalent to the tuition rate in effect for the first term, times the number of terms prepaid. Tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year is $21,228 per term, accordingly, for an entering First-Year student, the total tuition for four academic years would be $254,736. Our prepayment option does not apply to charges other than tuition. Room, board, fees and other charges are payable when billed and TPP participants are subject to future cost increases on such charges.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Undergraduate students who are not receiving College supported financial aid are eligible to participate in the plan. Once students are enrolled in a prepaid tuition plan, they are precluded from receiving Dartmouth administered scholarship grants while the plan is in effect. Exceptions may be made to this rule; however, consideration will be given on an individual basis. Enrollment in the plan may be for two academic years (six term minimum), three academic years or four academic years (twelve terms maximum). While TPP was designed for parents of Dartmouth students, prepayment may be made by other parties on behalf of a student or by a student. Participants in TPP must execute a Tuition Prepayment Plan Agreement covering the operative terms of the Plan. Prepaid terms must be used each term the student is billed tuition by the College.

Payment Date

If the 2023 Summer term is the first of your prepaid terms, the College must receive your agreement and payment for the total prepaid tuition by June 5, 2023. If the first of your prepaid terms is 2023 Fall, 2024 Winter or 2024 Spring, the College must receive your agreement and payment for the total prepaid tuition by August 31, 2023.

Off-Campus Study

Students enrolled in Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study (FS) programs are charged regular tuition by the College for the off-campus term. Such tuition will be offset by the prepaid tuition under the TPP plan, with a corresponding reduction of the number of qualifying terms as if the term of study was in residence.

Transfer Term

Should a student take a term of approved study at another institution for which Dartmouth accepts credit towards the degree, the participant may elect to receive a pro rata refund for that term at the Agreement rate. If a refund is made, the transfer term will be counted against the number of qualifying terms under the TPP Agreement.  Participants should submit a written request (email or letter) to Campus Billing to obtain a refund.


In the event a student covered by TPP withdraws, or otherwise leaves the College, the participant may withdraw from the plan. If a student withdraws during a term, the refund for that term will be calculated in accordance with the College's regular refund policy. All refunds are subject to the College's right of offset for charges due Dartmouth College other than in connection with tuition.

 A participant may elect to stay in the plan if the student leaves the College or is withdrawn provided the period of absence does not exceed one year. In such an instance, the prepaid tuition would remain with the College. 

 If the number of prepaid terms are not fully utilized as a result of early graduation or transfer credits, a refund will be determined as above on a prorated basis at the time of the student's graduation.

Advantages of TPP

The Tuition Prepayment Plan offers the opportunity to stabilize tuition costs avoiding future tuition increases. Savings in tuition increases may exceed the loss of investment income. The plan provides families with a convenient way to hold current tuition levels for two, three or four years by making a single lump sum prepayment. TPP relieves families of worry about future increases in tuition costs. 

Application Procedure

Interested parties should complete the Tuition Prepayment Plan Agreement and return this document to Campus Billing with a check payable to Dartmouth College for the number of terms to be prepaid. Payments may be made with 529 Savings Plans as well.

To request a TPP Agreement and Fact Sheet, please call (603) 646-3230, or email

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