Organizational Overview

Finance Mission and Principles

Finance Mission Statement

We efficiently deliver high quality services and information, when and where they are needed, to enable the dynamic aspirations of Dartmouth’s faculty, students, and staff.

Core Principles

In delivering on our mission, we strive to:

  • Understand and embrace the diversity of our customers and their needs;
  • Prioritize our work effectively in an environment of constrained resources;
  • Maintain transparent communication with our customers and among ourselves;
  • Enable agile response in a rapidly changing world;
  • Instill a culture of empowered problem solving, experimentation, and continuous learning;
  • Ensure that operational policies, processes, systems and data are streamlined and standard across the institution.

Our Commitment to Diversity

Launched in May 2016, the Dartmouth Action Plan for Inclusive Excellence highlights the need to create a community at Dartmouth in which difference is valued, where each individual’s identity and contributions are treated with respect, and where differences lead to a strengthened identity for all.

The Finance & Administration Division is committed to our role to create a more inclusive and diverse Dartmouth. We have developed a set of actions for to strengthen these four areas.

  • Work Process and Communication
  • Professional Development
  • Client Service/Outreach
  • Recruitment/Retention

The purpose of this plan is to promote accountability and transparency by clarifying the intentions and expected results of the F&A Division. We intend for this plan to complement other divisional goals. It is not our intention to override any other divisional expectations or objectives.

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