F&A Job Shadow Program

The Job Shadow Program is hosted by Finance and Administration and is open to all Finance and Administration and Finance Center employees. It is designed to provide experiential learning opportunities by allowing participants to shadow an individual, in a given department or a specific position, to help them learn about skills needed and/or activities managed for that position. This program provides an opportunity to expand knowledge, experience the workplace setting, and gain understanding of duties performed by the individual being shadowed.

This commitment is for only eight (8) hours over three (3) months. The schedule is flexible to allow participants the ability to coordinate the best days and times to make this a valuable and enjoyable experience.

Program Goals

The goals of the job shadowing program are designed to assist participants by:
• Observing the daily routines of the individual they are shadowing
• Beginning to identify career interests
• Gaining awareness of the skills and abilities utilized in their field of interest
• Encouraging inter-departmental information sharing and knowledge transfer

Who is eligible to participate?

Employees working in regular positions within the Finance and Administration division or in the Finance Centers are eligible to participate.

Employee Requirements for Participation

• Supervisor support and approval for participation
• Completion of application with supervisor's signature (may be approved via email)
• Signed confidentiality agreement
• Completion of a program evaluation survey

Application Process

An initial application containing interests and availability should be submitted to Megan Rowlands via email (Megan.L.Rowlands@dartmouth.edu). Submissions will be reviewed by a subcommittee made up of the Finance Center/Host Leadership group who will notify applicants of availability.

Participating Departments

The participating departments in the Finance and Administration division and participating Finance Centers are to be determined based on availability and interest. See next page for department listing.

Program Administration

• Applications are due in December and the program runs January through March.
• For departmental shadow requests, the department directors and managers determine which of their employee(s) will be shadowed.

Job Shadow Program Application

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