Student Accounts Refunds

Refund Process

  1. Request a refund through DartHub on the “D-Pay: Request a Refund” tile.
  2. Choose an eRefund (ACH or direct deposit) or a check to be mailed to you (or to a parent/guardian). Enter a mailing address or Hinman box (in case your eRefund fails for any reason).
  3. Campus Billing approves  request.
  4. eRefund or check is processed.

The eRefund is the quickest way to receive your student account refund.  The eRefund is an electronic transfer of funds from the college’s bank to your personal bank account (US-based checking or savings account).  It may still take up to 5 business days for you to receive your refund.  Please also see the note below about the check printing schedule.

To receive your student account refund via eRefund, enter your banking information into D-Pay.  Either choose a saved payment method and designate it as your refund account or create a new refund account. View the step-by-step instructions. You must set up your refund account in D-Pay before requesting your first eRefund.

If your banking information is not in D-Pay and you request an eRefund, D-Pay will remind you that you need to enter your banking information.  After three business days, your requested eRefund will be cancelled and a check will be mailed to you instead.  D-Pay requires a mailing address or Hinman Box at the time of request so that the college will know where to send your check in the event your banking information is not found in D-Pay.

Requesting a Refund

Log into DartHub and click on the "D-Pay: Request a Refund" tile. If you have a credit balance in your account, the credit amount will be displayed. You will need to indicate how much of the credit you would like and the delivery method:  eRefund or check. You have the ability to name an alternate payee (parent, guardian, etc.) if you chose to receive the refund by check. Regardless of delivery method, you will select or enter a mailing address or Hinman Box. There is also a note field (up to 250 characters) where you can provide additional information related to your request. If there is not a credit, you will be unable to submit a request.

Please "View Account Activity” in  D-Pay for pending disbursements. If you want a refund and are unable to submit a request via Student Self-service, please stop by the Student Financial Services Office in 103 McNutt Hall or call us at 603-646-3230.

Daily Processing

Dartmouth prints checks once a week. If you choose to have your refund check mailed, it will be mailed on Wednesdays.  Keeping in mind the check printing schedule, mail delivery, and the timing of your request (including weekends), it could possibly take up to 10 business days to receive your check.

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