Commencement & Graduation

Graduating students must ensure their college accounts are in good standing before graduation, including their ID card accounts. Settlement of the ID card accounts will occur in May/June under the graduation schedule. Please make sure your expected graduation status with is up to date with the Office of the Registrar.

Deactivation of Accounts

The regular use of ID card accounts for graduating students will be terminated in May. This deactivation of accounts will affect the following:

  • DDS Charging - Dining plans will remain in effect through the identified end date. However, while you may continue to use any Dining Dollars and Meal Swipes, you will not be allowed to charge (go negative) any food purchases. For continued dining purchases in addition to meal swipes, please use the DASH Discretionary account (more information provided below).

  • Administrative Fees and Fines - All account balances (positive or negative) will be transferred to your final student bill, which is issued by Campus Billing.

DASH Discretionary Account

As graduation nears, students may find a need to use an alternate method for spending on campus. After accounts have been deactivated, and after dining plan meals and Dining Dollars have been depleted, you can continue using your Dartmouth ID card to make purchases with your DASH Discretionary account.

Students will only be able to use the DASH Discretionary account when it has a balance available. It does not have the ability to support an owed balance.

Special Reminder: The DASH Discretionary can be used for supplemental dining, as well as other needs during the final weeks leading to Commencement: printing, vending machines, equipment rental, necessities at Collis Market, and other goods/services you may consider.

The account balance will be available for use through Commencement Day. Following Commencement Day, graduating students will receive a full refund of any remaining funds to their student account on D-Pay. Students can then request a refund through D-Pay or via email to Campus Billing in order to reclaim any available final credit balance on their student account.

Please note: Graduated students have a limited time to request refunds through D-Pay. The Campus Billing e-Refund policy applies.

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