Commencement & Graduation

Graduating students must ensure their college accounts are in good standing before graduation. The information on this page will also be sent to graduating students identified by the Office of the Registrar. Please make sure your status with that office is up to date.

Deactivation of Accounts

The regular use of I.D. card accounts for graduating students will be terminated in May. This deactivation of accounts will affect the following:

  • DDS Charging - Dining plans will remain in effect through the identified end date. However, while you may continue to use any positive Flex DBA and Meal Swipes, you will not be allowed to charge (go negative) any food purchases.

  • DA$H Discretionary - All account balances (positive or negative) will be transferred to your final student bill, which is issued by Student Financial Services.

  • Administrative Fees and Fines - All account balances (positive or negative) will be transferred to your final student bill, which is issued by Student Financial Services.

Supplemental Discretionary Option: Pre-Paid DA$H Discretionary Account

As you  graduationnears, students may find a need for an alternate method for spending on campus. After  accounts have been deactivated, and after dining plan meals and Flex DBA have been depleted, if you would like to continue using your Dartmouth I.D. card to make purchases, you can sign-up for an optional, non-refundable "Graduating, Pre-Paid DA$H Discretionary Account." Please note, this account will only be created upon request.

You can use this account at any on-campus location that currently accepts your Dartmouth I.D. card for transactions. The Graduating Pre-Paid DA$H Discretionary Account will be active until Commencement Day. To open this type of account,  visit or call the Dartmouth Card Office and make a deposit, indicating this pre-paid account.

When this account is created on your I.D. card, it will have a zero balance. You will not be able to use this account until a deposit is made to it, as it does not have the ability to go negative.

This account is non-refundable, and you will forfeit any amount still in this account after Commencement Day. You can make deposits with cash and/or MasterCard/VISA supported debit/credit cards. Checks will not be accepted as a form of payment.

Special Reminder: The Graduating Pre-Paid DA$H Account can be used at all of the locations where your old DA$H account was accepted. As you near graduation, be sure to consider all of the things you will need your DA$H account for--from dining, printing, vending machines, laundry, DCAD activities, necessities at Collis Market, and any other campus use you may consider.

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