Paychecks & W2 Forms

As a reminder, Dartmouth pay checks and deposit statements, regardless of how delivered, are confidential documents to be opened only by the addressee. These documents should never be opened or read by anyone other than the intended recipient.

General Paycheck Information

Need to view your payslip? Go to Employee Self-Service and click on Payslip.

For questions or concerns about pay, email Dartmouth Payroll or call (603) 646-2697.

For questions regarding your Benefit Credit or benefit costs please contact the Benefits Office.

Identity Protection

In order to improve the security of your personal information, your bank account and social security numbers do not appear in their entirety on your Dartmouth payroll check stub or direct deposit stub. Instead, only the last four numbers of your social security number and the last four numbers of your bank account will appear.

Vacation & Personal Leave Balances

Balances are maintained for non-exempt employees only. This information is provided on your payslip and also available in Employee Self-Service. You can also verify your balances in KRONOS.

Replacement Paychecks

To stop payment on a payroll check, you will need to complete a Stop Payment Form with the Payroll Office. A re-issued check will be issued after a stop payment is placed. Contact the Payroll Office directly for assistance.

Lost Payslips

You can see and print a copy of your payslip in Employee Self-Service (select “Payslip”). You may also request a reprint from the Payroll Office. You must indicate the payroll date you are requesting. The Payroll Office can mail you the copy or you can pick it up at the office.

W-2 Forms

Your Form W-2, to be used in the preparation of your annual Federal and State Income tax returns, will be mailed/distributed by January 31,  as per legal requirement by the IRS. If you have not received your W-2 by the second week of February, please contact the Payroll Office via email or phone (603) 646-2697.

If you have elected to 'Go Paperless', the W-2 you see on Employee Self-Service will be your official form for tax purposes. As a reminder, the College reports this same information to the Internal Revenue Service and to your state of residence if state income taxes have been withheld. To assist you in understanding your 2014 Form W-2, please review the following information. Most questions that you will have can be answered by reading the information below.

Calculating Taxable Wages

Using your last payslip for the previous years (this would be your last stub with a check date for that year); you can calculate the taxable wages that should appear on your Form W-2.

To determine Federal taxable wages (Box 1) on your Form W-2, find the total for Year to Date (YTD) Earnings on your final payslip; also find the total YTD Pre-tax deductions on your final payslip. From your YTD Earnings, subtract the total YTD Pre-tax deductions. In some cases, if you have an amount in Box 12C or Box 12T these amounts must be added in as wages. The final result should equal the amount that appears in Box 1 of the W-2.

For informational purposes only, other boxes that may contain dollar amounts on your W-2 are:

  • Box 2 – Federal Tax withheld                                
  • Box 3 – Social Security Earnings
  • Box 4 – Social Security Tax withheld                         
  • Box 5 – Medicare Earnings
  • Box 6 – Medicare Tax withheld                                 
  • Box 7 – Social Security Tips
  • Box 9 - Earned Income Credit                                
  • Box 10 – Dependent Care
  • Box 12DD - Cost of Health Care Coverage                
  • Box 12C – Imputed Income for Life Insurance
  • Box 12E – Contributions to Retirement Accounts        
  • Box 12T – Adoption Reimbursement

If you still have questions regarding your W-2, please e-mail the Payroll Office. You can always view and print your Form W-2 from Employee Self-Service.

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