Finance Professional Development Committee

Join the Finance Professional Development Committee!
New Term begins January 1

Please email if you are interested in joining or have questions.

Mission Statement: Committee will coordinate and champion professional development and culture-building opportunities for the enrichment of the Finance, Finance Centers, Human Resources, Internal Controls Services, Integrity and Compliance, and Investment Office.

Professional Development: We define professional development as a wide variety of specialized training, formal education, or advanced professional learning intended to help improve professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness.

Vision: Through effective professional development programs we will:

  • build and maintain morale among the staff
  • retain and attract high quality staff
  • prepare staff for current and future work requirements

Committee Membership: The committee aims to have at least one representative from each business unit. The committee size will be approximately 15-25 and will include up to two advisors from the financial leadership team (Sherice McCarthy-Hill, Director of Payroll and Michael Barrett, Director of Financial Reporting).

Individuals will volunteer to serve a two-year term. They may serve continue to serve beyond two year if they so choose and their supervisor is agreeable. A new term begins January 1.

Regular committee meetings are scheduled monthly. The Chair, Co-Chair, and Advisors meet prior to the regular meetings for meeting planning purposes.

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