A primary goal of the Risk Management and Insurance Office is to identify, monitor and manage risk for the safety, health and well-being of our students, faculty, staff and community and to financially protect and support the mission of Dartmouth College. We are here to collaborate with you to develop solutions. One of the techniques used to manage risk is to transfer the risk to an insurance company. Below are listed specific topics related to Dartmouth's insurance program:

Dartmouth College Insurance Program

Dartmouth College maintains an appropriate level of insurance for General Liability, Workers' Compensation, Auto Liability, Professional Liability, Property, Fine Arts and other necessary insurance policies. The majority of policies are for a twelve month period and renew annually.

All matters concerning insurance, including placement of insurance, costs, incident reporting, processing of claims, etc. should be referred to Risk Management and Insurance.

If a company, individual or other third party requests proof of Dartmouth's insurance coverage, please contact Risk Management and Insurance at (603) 646-2442. A Certificate of Insurance, indicating Trustees of Dartmouth College as the "insured" can be provided upon request.

Foreign General Liability and Auto Insurance

A foreign liability policy provides coverages for the College, its faculty and staff while participating in conferences, teaching exchange programs, and other College related travel throughout the world. The policy provides General Liability, Contingent Automobile Liability Coverage, Benefits for Voluntary Compensation, and Employers Liability Coverage.

Insurance Resources

For insurance questions, please contact (603) 646-2442.

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