Renters Insurance Program

It's no secret that accidents happen to many student's or other renter's belongings.  Items can be stolen, or equipment damaged.  Laptops, cell phones, clothes, jewelry, books, stereo equipment, televisions, furniture, cameras.  A bicycle. Musical instruments, sports equipment...and much more.

- What happens if an electrical power surge destroys electronics?
- Or your laptop is stolen from your dorm room or home?
- What if sprinkler heads go off, spreading water and ruining your books?
- Of you cause unintentional damage to the dorm or home?

For Students, Student's Parents, and Staff Living in On-Campus or Off-Campus Housing

Wrap your belongings in a dependable safety net through the Dartmouth College Renters Insurance Program.  This affordable property and personal liability program helps protect your belongings here and when traveling--even to a foreign country.  The Program's economical rates make adding this extra layer of protection an easy-on-the-budget decision.

Check out the following link to get more details and complete the on-line application: Campus Connexions



The information provided on this website is intended as a convenience for the students and employees who rent from Dartmouth College. Dartmouth makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the financial condition or solvency or any insurance company. Dartmouth is acting only as an advertiser of certain coverage opportunities which may be of benefit to its students and/or employees, and not as a broker or agent of any insurance company. Dartmouth is not a party to any contract/policy that may result from use of the information provided on this website. Dartmouth College Renters have options to use other insurance sources, such as their local insurance agents and/or an existing homeowner's policy.
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