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Payroll Policies

Correcting Student Time in Kronos

Pay Advance Policy

Payroll Corrections Policy

  • Dartmouth College is dedicated to ensuring the correct and timely payment of employee wages and all applicable tax withholding. Although we strive to pay our employees on time and correctly, there are circumstances when payroll corrections are necessary. These corrections are processed using off cycle checks (i.e., quick pays).

Payroll Overpayment Policy

  • An overpayment results when an employee is inadvertently compensated above the amount he/she should have received for services rendered in his/her salary or additional payment.

Pre-tax Parking Plan

Dartmouth College is establishing an employee benefit plan known as the Pre-tax Parking Plan (the "Plan"). The Plan allows employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for certain parking expenses associated with their work at Dartmouth College.

Payroll Supplemental Payment

  • This policy is to clarify the schedule for processing of payroll corrections and special payments. The policy differentiates between discretionary payments that will be included in the employee's next scheduled pay and follow the employee's direct deposit schedule and payroll corrections and regulated payments that will be paid as an off-cycle payment according to the Payroll Corrections Policy.

Payroll Forms

Direct Deposit Form

Hourly-Paid Employees Revised/Prior Timesheet

Hourly-Paid Student Employees Revised/Prior Timesheet

MYLS (Future Labor Schedule Change Request)

Name Change Form

Payroll Mailing Labels and Instructions

Payroll Stop Payment

Retroactive Wage Transfer Request

Student Employee Lump-Sum Questionnaire

Supplemental Pay Request

Vermont State W-4 Form

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