Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a safe and easy way to have your money deposited directly into your United States banking account to either a checking or savings account or both.

Setting Up Direct Deposit

Any ongoing, regularly-scheduled payment, including Salary payments from your Payroll, short-term and long-term benefit checks, benefits issued by state governments, such as retirement and pension payments and employee reimbursement from Accounts Payable.

Set-up direct deposit via Employee Self-Service. View the guide on how to set-up direct deposit.

To elect to receive non-payroll payments (such as expense reimbursements) via direct deposit, select 'Yes' for 'Preferred AP Account' within the Employee Self-Service Direct Deposit menu.

Money will be in accounts on the actual payroll pay date. If the payroll pay date is a Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday, the money will be in your account the next business day. Please remember that Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) may not reflect the deposit immediately. ATMs often take up to two days after the transaction date to reflect changes.

Biweekly Payments

Generally, the direct deposit will take effect two pay dates in the future.  During the first pay period after Direct Deposit is requested, Payroll verifies the account by running a "pre-note" process (verifying the accuracy of the account information).

On the second pay date, money is transferred to your bank account. You will receive a NON-NEGOTIABLE STUB showing the amount of your direct deposit unless you have elected to use Go Paperless. In that case, you can log-in to Employee Self-Service and view your Payslip anytime.

Monthly Payments

If you create or make a change to Direct Deposit by the middle of the month your direct deposit will be in effect for your next payroll.  A "pre-note" process (verifying the accuracy of the account information) is submitted every Friday and takes ten days for it become effective.

If you elect to start direct deposit information during the last two weeks of the month, you will receive a paper check and your direct deposit will be in effect the following month. * Please refer to the Payroll Schedule to get the exact deadline date.

Multiple Accounts

You can automatically deposit your pay into multiple bank accounts, however we suggest limiting the number of deposits to two. These accounts may be with the same or different banks.

Paycheck Stubs

Employees who have elected to "Go Paperless"

  • Email notifications will be sent a few days prior to payroll date, to be received on Friday payroll date.

Employees who have not elected to "Go Paperless"

  • Non-Exempt/Biweekly Staff or Student - One day prior to payroll date, to be received on Friday payroll date.
  • Exempt/Monthly Staff or Student - One day prior to payroll date which is the first of each month. If the 1st is on a Saturday or Sunday payroll will be mailed out on Thursday to be received on Friday.
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