System Access

New and Updating System Access Request Process

Department System Access Requests are processed through Agiloft.  To access the System Access Request Form go to:

Steps to Gain Access to the Financial Systems

The following steps are required in order to gain access to the Financial System:

  1. Your supervisor must fill out a System Access Request Form requesting financial system access and must submit the form to your Fiscal Officer for approval.
  2. Complete the Confidentiality Agreement.
  3. Attend Required Training Session(s): A list of required training can be found System Training & Reference site. Discuss with your supervisor and/or fiscal officer which classes you need to take based on your particular responsibilities. To register for the classes visit ABC Signup.

Once all your paperwork has been submitted and you have successfully completed your training, you will be given access to the financial systems.

For more detailed guidance, go to the System Access Request Guidance page.

Host Departments

If you work within the Finance, HR, ITC, or OSP and you are not seeing the advanced access you require on the System Access form, please use the Host Access Form. For guidance, go to the Host and Advanced System Access Guidance

Fiscal Officers


Ann Root Keith

Lesa Knapp

Campus Services

Julie Findley

Dean of Faculty (Arts & Sciences)

Kate Soule

Amanda Bushor

Finance & Administration

Tawnia Boutin

Dianne Ingalls

Geisel School of Medicine

Andrew Rose

Wes Benbow

Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies

Sarah Brooks

President's Division

Allie Johnson

Provost's Division

Sarah Brooks

Mary-Ella Zietz

Student Affairs

Jessica Havrda

Thayer School of Engineering

Tricia Spellman

Lori Laventure

Ryan Scelza

Tuck School of Business

Paul Mutone

Donna Lawless

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