Best Practices

Process Types

Business and Travel Reimbursements

  • Employees submit using iExpense
    • Employees should submit an iExpense Expense Report for the most direct reporting and processing of Business and Travel Related Expenses.
    • Go to: iExpense, select DC iExpenses > iExpenses Home > Create Expense Report
    • Go to the Quick Start Guide for more information.
  • To have the Finance Center prepare the iExpense on behalf of the employee (this is not available for Geisel Employees):
    • Use Expense Report Request eForm to request the Finance Center to prepare the iExpense Expense Report
    • Attach only required receipts and other documents (detailed expense worksheet, etc.)
    • Do not submit receipts under $75, unless for entertainment, lodging, and relocation, but do provide itemization of these expenses
    • Keep original required receipts until verified they are legible
  • Students and Non‐Employees using Payment Request eForm
  • If the Student or Guest name doesn’t pull up in Payee Name field, check New Payee/Address and enter the Name, Student ID if applicable, and Address
  • Do not include receipts under $75 unless business purpose is entertainment
  • Single travel natural class, 8148‐TRAVEL DOMESTIC Non‐Emp or Student or 8118‐TRAVEL FOREIGN Non‐Emp or Student. Unless reimbursement is for local expenses
  • Attach pdf file of receipts
  • Any additional information, please add to comments field


  • Requesting a Payables Advance:
    • Submit through the Payment Request eForm by selecting the Payables Advance
    • Only one chart string is necessary on the request
      • Entity and Org (e.g. 20.507), then 909000.910000.0000, then 1463 for Foreign Study Payables Advances and 1465 for all other Prepaid Payables Advances
    • Settlement Date should be within 10 business days of the end date
    • Employees should limit Payables Advance requests to when traveling with groups of students, otherwise should consider obtaining a College‐paid Corporate Card
  • Payables Advance Settlement:  
    • Employees settle via Expense Report Request eForm*
      • Geisel Faculty and Staff should complete directly in iExpense
    • Students settle via the Payment Request eForm selecting: Travel/Business Expense
    • Enter the Payables Advance Number in the Payables Advance field as OBCA + Request ID (e.g. OBCA1234567)
    • Returning Unused Funds: There are two methods for returning unused advance funds.

Cash/Check Deposits

  • Take directly to the Cashier’s office
  • Departments must always deposit cash and checks preferably on the same business day as receipt, but no later than 2 business days after receipt
  • Do not send cash through Hinman mail

Check Management

Click here for guidance through common check issues.

Void a Check

Void a check if the check is outdated, no longer needed or was issued in the wrong amount, to the wrong payee, or with the incorrect address.

Stop Payment

A Stop Payment should be requested when the physical check is not available and has been:

  • reported either lost or stolen
  • sent to the wrong payee or address
  • not received after 10 business days from being issued
  • deemed unusable for another reason  

Note: If the check is available, a Stop Payment is not necessary and the check should be voided.

Check Reissue

If the check has not been cashed, then a stop payment will be placed and a replacement check will be mailed to the payee within 10 business days.

Note: The request will be canceled if the check has been cashed in any of the above scenarios. 

Invoices and Other Payments

  • All invoices that need to be processed for check or international wire payment, should be emailed to or submitted through the Payment Request eForm
  • Honorariums, Fellowship/Scholarship payments or other payments to students or non‐employees should be processed through the Payment Request eForm as an Other Payment

Journal Entries/Source System Corrections

  • Submit through Corrections, Journals, and Cost Transfers eForm
  • If GL correction, attach the IRA Transactions “Corrections View” Financial Report which provides the necessary detail for the transaction(s) to be moved
  • If PTAEO correction, please attach the required documentation, SPUD Reclass or Cost Transfer
  • Transfer From:  the account where the transaction currently exists
  • Transfer To:  the account where you want the transaction moved to

Kronos Timecard Reporting

  • All hourly-paid employees must use the Kronos Electronic Timecard system to record their work hours.  Employees with web-access to Kronos can access their timecard using this URL:
  • Reports are generated weekly and sent to department
  • Department supervisors review reports and notify the Finance Center if there are errors in an employee’s time
  • Submit edits for Kronos reports on the General Request eForm

Payroll Supplemental Payments

  • Quick Pays: Off‐cycle check payments ‐ only for compliance processing
    • Advance: SEIU Vacation, Financial Burden
    • Admin Error: Kronos
    • Admin Error: Benefit
    • Late PASF
    • Termination: 72 Hour
    • Estate/Beneficiary
  • Next Payroll Cycle: Discretionary Payments
    • One Time Bonus
    • Taxable Business Expense Reimbursement
    • Pay In Lieu of Notice (PILN)
    • Termination Vacation
    • Lay Off Lump Sum

Payroll Authorizations

  • If you have access to the PA Smart Form system you may enter directly into the PASF System, otherwise, submit through General Request eForm. Select ‘HR/Payroll’ as request type and social security number and date of birth will be encrypted.
  • Provide all pertinent information.
  • HELPFUL HINT: When submitting a PA, use the PASF Information Template.
  • Submit PA’s as far in advance as possible, and no later than 5 days prior to effective date

Procurement Card (PCard) Transactions

  • Use PCard eForm to submit PCard transactions individually and receipts when required
  • Use the PCard Admin field if routing to an Administrator for PCard System Maintenance or for verification of business purpose and chart string only. This is not an approval process.
  • Keep original receipts until verified they are legible
  • Do not submit receipts under $75 but do complete an eForm with business purpose and chart string
    • Exception for WB Mason: if office supplies and default chart string, no submission is necessary

Purchase Order Requests

  • Submit using Purchase Request eForm.
  •  A Purchase Order Request must be submitted before purchase of the good or service is made.
  • The Purchase Order Policy is available
  • Be sure to include routing instructions (does the PO need to be faxed to vendor, etc.)


  • If you have access to IRA Financial Reports, you may access reports directly
  •  Submit through General Request eForm or your assigned analyst to request a report

Student Prizes and Awards

Signature Authority

  • The Signature Authority Policy identifies which Dartmouth College employees are authorized to enter into transactions with external parties on behalf of Dartmouth and to submit requisitions for purchases through Dartmouth's internal procurement system.

Wage Transfers

  • Retroactive Wage Transfer - Submit through Wage Transfer eForm
  • Future Dated Labor Schedule changes
    • If you have access to MYLS system, you may direct enter Labor Schedule Changes, otherwise
    • Submit through MyLS eForm (MyLS – My Labor Schedule)
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