Submitting Invoices

Dartmouth encourages invoices to be submitted centrally to to prevent delays in processing your payment.

Best Practices for Vendors submitting invoices

Submit invoices to

Each invoice should be a separate attachment. Multiple invoice attachments in a single email is ok. 

Clearly identify: 

  • Business Name or D.B.A remittance must match the registered name within PaymentWorks
  • Bill To: Dartmouth College (or Trustees of Dartmouth College)
  • Invoice Number (each invoice should have a unique invoice number)
  • Invoice Date
  • Contract Number* (if available)
  • PO Number* (if available)
  • WO Number (if working with Campus Services or FO&M)
  • Date or dates of when the goods and/or services were provided
  • Description of goods and/or services provided
  • Invoice Amount Due
  • Department
  • Department Contact

*Please do not combined multiple PO's or multiple contracts on a single invoice

Do not send: 

  • Multiple invoices within a single attachment
  • Payment inquiries or correspondence
  • Credit Card Receipts
  • Solicitations, marketing and advertisements


Note: is not a monitored email account. If you have questions regarding invoicing or past due payments, please reference the PaymentWorks Portal or contact



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