Dartmouth offers several payment options for approved invoices including electronic and accelerated payment methods and terms which allow for faster payment with reduced risk. 

Payment Terms

Default Payment Terms for supplier invoices are paid based on the payment method selected, unless otherwise noted and documented within the Vendor Portal.

SUA (Single-Use Account) - Pay upon receipt
ACH - Net 30 days
Check - Net 45 days
International Wire - Pay upon receipt 

Payment terms are calculated based on the invoice date and when it is received by the College. 

Payment Options

Dartmouth pays most vendors via paper check, however, is working to move vendors to electronic payment methods. 

Dartmouth may also pay vendors via a Single-Use Account (SUA) credit card. A Single-Use Account is a card-based payment solution that acts like a check by providing a 16-digit virtual account number for each payment, which allows Dartmouth to set each Single-Use Account with a credit limit that matches the specific payment amount.

How to Enroll in the SUA Program

The enrollment into the SUA Program is managed by the Procurement Department, Accounts Payable and JP Morgan. All questions related to enrolling in the SUA program or updating information for the SUA program should be directed to Procurement Services at  

  • If you want to join the SUA program, Procurement will review with you the program and provide the JPMorgan SUA Customer Support phone number.
  • The SUA Customer Support team will validate the vendor, verify that they understand the SUA program, look to see if they accept SUA Payments from other companies.
  • JP Morgan will send an acceptance letter to Dartmouth’s Accounts Payable email address: and the vendor.  The letter tells Dartmouth that JP Morgan has been contacted by the vendor and advises Dartmouth to update Oracle to reflect SUA with payment terms of Pay upon receipt.
  • Within 48 hours, JP Morgan will send the static 7-digit card number to the new vendor.
  • JP Morgan will also offer the vendor to sign up for SUA Connections (the SUA Vendor Portal) and to receive encrypted emails that contain the full 16-digit account numbers.
  • At the end of this process, the vendor is ready to receive SUA Payments.

How to Change/Update Email Information for Vendor Receiving SUA Payments

Contact the department contact or Accounts Payable via phone or email of a request to change an email for SUA Payments.

Please note Dartmouth requires alternative verification procedures to protect against fraudulent activity, any changes to vendor email, requires additional verification. The department or Accounts Payable will contact the vendor through existing contact information to verify any changes to payment details. 

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