Rental Car Program

Rental Car Program

The Enterprise/National benefits extend to the entire Dartmouth community, including: faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, and visitors. Travelers will need to enroll in Enterprise/National’s Emerald Club to ensure discounted rates, enhanced services, and additional benefits every time you rent.

Beyond the local Hanover area, Enterprise/National offer the best rate available for your location and dates, without losing any corporate benefits, with the exception of collision insurance. You will not have to rent from an off-airport renter, and you will not be subject to fees which are waived by Enterprise/National, such as underage fees, energy recovery or additional driver fees.

Emerald Club membership gives travelers more control of the rental from reservation to return. Once enrolled, you can:

  • Earn rental credits toward Free Days with every qualifying paid rental
  • Bypass the counter at most major airports in North America
  • Choose your own car from the Emerald Club Aisle
  • Expedite returns with automatic E-receipts
  • Access members-only lanes at Airport locations
  • Use your Emerald Club ID at Enterprise/National and rent your way to higher benefit levels
  • Earn rental credits towards free rental days at Enterprise/National

Business Rental Car Program

When enrolling, business travelers will need to add either a Corporate Card or Dartmouth Chart String Account to their profiles. Car rentals need to be booked with the Corporate Card or credit card in the name of the driver. If the individual does not have a Corporate Card, such as students and guests, then a Dartmouth Chart String account should be added to the profile.

Find out more information on the Business Rental Car Program. (Web Authentication required)

If an enrollment question or problem arises which you cannot solve, contact Procurements Services for help.

Booking Rental Cars

Local Travel

  • For travel that originates and ends in Hanover, or one-way regional travel, book with: VOX Rental Cars

Business Travel beyond The Upper Valley Region

  • Dartmouth's policy is to book through Travel Leaders, both for best price and to provide the traveler with notice & support in case of natural disasters, political upheavals or emergencies of any sort. Travel Leaders will obtain the lowest Enterprise or National rate for your location, dates, and car class in one search. They will also include your air travel information for car and hotels to protect your reservations in case of delays. To ensure premium service and to accrue points for free travel or rentals, please obtain your Emeral Club number before booking any travel.

  • Dartmouth business rental costs include discounted corporate rates, waived fees (underage, additional driver, energy surcharge), collision insurance (CDW) included, plus Emerald Club benefits.

  • If traveler(s) are 25 years or older, Enterprise discounted retail personal rates may be less expensive than our corporate rate, using the Dartmouth Personal ID XZ10433.

    Personal Travel

  • Rental car reservations may be made directly though National (800) 227-7368, or Enterprise (800) 736-8222 (the Enterprise website requires a PIN and Dartmouth Personal ID XZ10433.
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