Student Digital Payment Guidance

Dartmouth College has partnered with J.P. Morgan Chase to provide a digital payment method for Accounts Payable payments to students.

This guide is intended to assist students through the Dartmouth Student Digital Payment process. 

When a student payment is being issued from Dartmouth, the default payment method will be digital payment through J.P. Morgan Concourse. 


Invitation and Registration
Accepting Payments
Navigating the J.P. Morgan Concourse

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Invitation and Registration

Step 1: J.P. Morgan Invitation

When a digital payment is issued for the first time the payee will receive an invitation from J.P. Morgan inviting them to register in the J.P. Morgan Concourse site. 

Step 2: Registration Process

By selecting “Register Now” from the invitation email, the payee is directed to the J.P. Morgan Concourse page to Register. Follow the instructions from the site. On the “Register to Get Started” page, enter your First Name, Last Name, Country, and Mobil Phone information. Note your email is your Create a Password.

After completing the form and setting password, confirmation is required. J.P. Morgan will send a text to your mobile phone with a 6-digit verification number. 

Enter the six-digit verification number into the form and click “Verify”.

Step 3: Enter Bank or Zelle Account in “My Wallet”

Once verified, this will take you to the J.P. Morgan Concourse Dashboard. 

Within the “My Payments” section of the site, you should click “My Wallet” to enter bank account information and/or Zelle account. 

Within the “My Wallet” screen, you have the option to add a US Bank account or a Zelle account. 

To add a US Bank Account, select “Add US Bank Account”. 

The “Add US Bank Account” section of the window will expand for you to enter the “Name on Account”, the bank “Routing Number”, “Account Number”, the “Type” of account, and “Category”.  Once complete, click “Save”.

To add a Zelle account, click “Add Zelle Account”. The “Add Zelle Account” section of the screen will expand for the you to enter either your “Email Address” or Mobile Phone” number associated with your Zelle account. Once complete, click “Save”.

Accepting Payment

When a payment has been issued to a student, they will receive an email from the “Trustees of Dartmouth College” with a email address with the subject “You Have Received a Payment from Trustees of Dartmouth College”. To accept payment, click “Accept Payment” within the body of the email.

This will take you to the J.P. Morgan login screen. Enter your email address.

You may need to re-verify account depending on the length of time between registration or the last time accepting payment. 

Once verified, you will be taken to the J.P. Morgan Concourse Dashboard. Here you will see any payments being issued in the “My Payments” section.  To accept the payment, click “Accept Payment”. 

By clicking the “Accept Payment” button the system will guide you through the process:  

Step 1: Verifying the Payment Detail.  

If the payment details appear correct, enter your NetID in the field that reads “Please provide your student id”. Once the NetID is entered click “Continue”.

Step 2: Select the Method of Payment.

Choose either “US Bank Account” or “Zelle Account” that has been created by clicking on that option. You can have multiple bank accounts.

This will expand account details with the radio button populating “Accept Now”. Click "Continue".

Step 3: Review the Payment Summary and Method of Payment.

If the information appears correct, click “Submit”

Step 4: Payment Confirmation.

At this stage, the payment has been confirmed. To return to the Dashboard to accept additional payments, review payment activity or to review or update your profile, click “Return to Dashboard”. 

You will receive a Payment Confirmation email following the acceptance and confirmation of the payment.  

Navigating the J.P. Morgan Concourse

Within the computer browser, the J.P. Morgan site menu options are on the header of the window. Within the center of the header, you can access their Dashboard, Payment Activity, and My Wallet.

On your mobile device, all of the above is available in the Menu list.


The Dashboard provides the “My Payments” and “Recent Activity”. “My Payments” provide any payments that are pending to be claimed. “Recent Activity” will provide a list of payments that have been issued in the last 90 days. To view a broader payment history, you can select “View Payment History” below the “Recent Activity” or can navigate to the “Payment Activity” at the top of the Dashboard.

The Payment Activity provides a list of all payments issued. The view will default to the “Last 90 days”. To extend the history view, you can select “Last 1 Year” or “All” at the top of the Payment Activity window. You can also search for a particular payment by Confirmation Number and can filter their view by Payment Status using the “Show All” drop down menu.

My Wallet

My Wallet provides the US Bank account and Zelle account that have been add to Your Wallet, as well as to Add additional US Bank and Zelle accounts.

When you add your bank or Zelle account, you will receive a confirmation email notification. 

My Profile

To manage your personal information, password, and notifications navigate to “Profile” by clicking on the person icon in the upper-right corner of the window.  

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