Student Lost, Stolen, Damaged Cards


Please know that the moment we print a replacement ID card, the former ID card will de-activate. At that point, the former ID card is no longer available for use on campus. 

Students are only issued one ID card at a time. As Dartmouth College ID cards are College property, if a replacement is obtained, the former ID card must be forfeited:

  • When ID cards are reported as damaged, the replacement is issued at no charge but must be exchanged for the replacement. 
  • When ID cards are issued for name changes, the former ID is classified as damaged and must be turned in like a damaged card. 
  • When ID cards are reported as lost, the replacement is issued at a $25.00 lost replacement charge.


Please read below for details.

Lost & Stolen Cards

Anyone who finds another individual's lost Dartmouth College ID card should return that card to Campus Billing & DartCard Services.

Students who lose their ID cards are charged as follows, per academic year:

  • $25 per ID card when the ID is not present at the time of replacement

    Charges are applied to the student's Administrative Fees & Fines account held with the DartCard Office.


Reporting Lost Cards

If your card was lost or stolen, be sure to immediately report your lost ID on your GET Funds account by clicking on "I Lost My Card." This will instantly block any potential unauthorized transaction activity on your ID card accounts. A lost or stolen card does not mean that money in your account will be lost as long as you report your lost or stolen card immediately. Your money will only be secure when your lost or stolen card is deactivated, not before.

The DartCard Office can issue replacement IDs during regular business hours. After business hours, Safety and Security can issue temporary access cards until you can obtain a replacement.

The Card Office will waive any replacement charge for a stolen ID if the student presents a copy of the Safety & Security report that lists the ID card as stolen item. Otherwise, the same charges apply as for lost cards.

Damaged & Non-functioning Cards

There is no charge for damaged cards; however, the damaged card must be returned to the DartCard Office, and we must be able to verify that the card is the student's current card. Otherwise, we must consider the card as lost and subject to lost card charges.

Over time, normal wear and tear is expected and some cards will have to be replaced. Please refer to the guidelines below to ensure proper care of your card:

  • Do not punch a slot or hole in the card
  • Do not expose to extreme heat or open flame - for example clothes dryers or irons
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight
  • Do not alter the ID photo
  • Do not expose to solvents, thinners, mineral spirits, etc.
  • Do not machine wash
  • Do not use as an ice-scraper or scraping tool
  • Do not crimp, bend, or twist card
  • Do not bite


For your protection, ID cards cannot be reactivated.

If a card is lost or damaged, a new card must be issued to ensure proper functionality for all on-campus needs: door access and on-campus purchases.

If a former ID card is found, it is not valid and should be returned to the DartCard Office. 

Replacement ID Cards may be obtained at Campus Billing and DartCard Services, located on the main level of McNutt Hall--room 103.

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