First-Year Students & Families

Welcome, First-Year Students & Families! Your Dartmouth ID Card is an essential component to the College living and learning environment. Students will need to carry it with them at all times. It is necessary for access to residence halls, academic and social facilities, and campus events. It serves as your library and dining card, and provides various accounts to handle most of your financial transactions on campus.

Obtaining Your Dartmouth Student ID Card

Your Dartmouth ID Card will be issued to you upon your arrival for Fall Term. Student ID card pick-up is part of move-in events along with key pick-up and other welcoming activities. Please watch for more information, including a schedule for these arrival events, from Dartmouth College.

If your arrival is scheduled outside of matriculation move-in prior to Fall Term start, please contact us to make arrangements to obtain your ID card for your arrival. Other than during move-in activities, Campus Billing and DartCard Services is available for ID card pick-up during our business hours:

Office hours are Monday through Friday: 9:00AM to 12:00PM and 1:00PM to 4:00PM. DartCard Office is closed on weekends,  evenings, and College observed holidays. Campus Billing and DartCard Services is located on the main level of McNutt Hall in room 103.

When you are on campus to obtain your ID card, you must bring another form of picture ID with you (driver's license, passport, etc) for verification.

Learn how to submit a photo for your ID Card.

ID Card Financial Accounts

DASH Discretionary

This account is available for every student at Dartmouth. It is prepared on the system with a zero balance and is enabled through the ID card. Transactions with this account will only be possible after students and/or their families have made a deposit to the ID card account.

Deposits made to the ID card Discretionary account will always be the property of the student. Residual balances each term will carry-forward, term-to-term and year-to-year.

Like a prepaid card, the Discretionary balance will decline with each use. The ID card Discretionary account can be used for on-campus purchases such as printing, event tickets, workshop materials, equipment rentals, and computer supplies -- among others.

We invite students and their families to make a preliminary deposit to start out the Discretionary account before their arrival on campus in the fall. More information on how to do so, will be provided in late-spring.

Dining Plan

Every undergraduate student is enrolled in a meal plan while studying at Dartmouth or living in Dartmouth housing. Your Dartmouth ID Card enables you to use your dining plan at the various on-campus dining facilities.

Entering first year students are pre-assigned to the Ivy Unlimited plan for New Student Orientation and through the Fall Term. Your meal plan becomes effective when you move into the residence hall upon arrival for your Pre-Orientation program (if appropriate) or New Student Orientation. The Orientation dining plan enables you to participate in all Special Catered Events throughout Orientation.

Please note, any questions regarding the dining plan should be directed to Dartmouth Dining Services. They can be contacted by email, or by phone at 603-646-2271.

DDS Charging

If the Dining Dollars portion of the undergraduate dining plan is exceeded, dining transactions can still be made using your Dartmouth ID Card through the DDS Charging account. Also, if dining transactions take place when the dining plan is not active, such as during interim or outside of an academic term, DDS charging can still be used.

This account also works at Collis Market, the on-campus convenience store, which does not accept the dining plans as a form of payment.

The accumulated DDS Charging account balance is reset each month, and the balance at that time is applied to the student's College account for billing.

Administrative Fees and Fines

College policies and deadlines must be followed—any time they are not, a fee or fine may be administered. If that happens, the resulting charge will appear on this account. Such fees/fines may include a lost ID card, lost library books, late check-in, late insurance waiver, parking violations, etc.


GET Website and Mobile App

Students are able to maintain their ID card accounts through GET, a website service for cardholders to monitor transactions and view ID card account balances, as well as make deposits. Also, a helpful app is available for mobile devices—it's free to install!

For students to access GET, all they need is their campus systems’ login credentials: NetID number and password. Though the site is a vendor supported website, it is specially linked so that students can sign-on using Dartmouth’s secure single-sign-on authentication. Check out the website soon! Students can access their account starting late-spring. Use the student link to start getting to know the website.

Don't wait make your starting deposit payment. Pre-fund your on-campus Discretionary account for purchases during the term/year as early as May. Continued deposit payments are always available as-needed.

Parents, guardians, or family members can make deposits to their student's ID card accounts through the guest deposit link.

As the ID card transactions are the student’s own financial transactions, there is no guest login for parents and other relatives. If students would like to share the details of their transactions with parents or other relatives, they are able to export reports from GET. Transactions can also be reviewed through the DASH Accounts tool on DartHub where date-ranges can be entered to filter the detail.

We invite you to learn more about your Dartmouth ID card. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email if you have questions about the DartCard – we'd like to hear from you.

Notes About GET Funds Deposits Online

Accepted payment card types: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. (We are not able to accept cash or check for ID card deposits.)

When accessing the GET Funds site, please be sure to use Firefox or Safari browsers from a computer. (Google Chrome is not recommended. Users have reported experiencing problems when trying to use the site with this web browser.)

Student users will have the best results using the GET Mobile app. 


In the event of questions or concerns about deposit payments to the ID card account(s) from a credit or debit card, please read the disclosure.

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