Staff and Student TimeCards

Kronos Electronic Timecard

All hourly-paid employees must use the Kronos Electronic Timecard system to record their work hours.  Employees with web-access should login in to Kronos to track hours worked. Time reporting should be the exact time the employee began and ended working and is a legal record of the employee's time. All time is required to be reported by 11:59PM on Saturday at the end of the pay period.

Training Materials and Resources are below:

Supervisor Guidance

It is the supervisor's responsibility to establish clear expectations that reinforce Dartmouth's policies on Time Reporting for Hourly Staff and Student Employees. It is essential supervisors understand the requirements of managing employee time. Employee Time Management Supervisor Training is offered quarterly to all supervisor in collaboration with Payroll, Human Resources, and the Finance Centers. Additional guidance is available on our Employee Time Management and Supervisor Training sites. 

Beginning this September

To ensure accuracy of biweekly Kronos Time Detail reports for supervisors and reinforce timely and accurate time reporting, Kronos Timecards will be automatically locked on Monday at 6:30AM following the close of the biweekly pay period. Biweekly Time Detail reports will be generated to supervisors at 7:00AM.

The 6:30AM timecard approval will be rolled out in 4 Phases. If timecards require corrections on Monday, following the close of the Payroll Period, see "Corrections Prior to the Close of Payroll Processing". 

Phase 1 – 9/26/2022 (Pay Period: 9/11/2022 – 9/24/2022) - CHANGE: Pushed from 9/12 Implementation

  • Arts & Sciences
  • Finance & Admin Division (except CSV & HR)
  • Geisel School of Medicine
  • Library
  • Thayer
  • Tuck

Phase 2 – 10/10/2022 (Pay Period: 09/25/2022 – 10/8/2022)

  • ITC
  • Provost Division (except Hopkins Center)

Phase 3 – 11/7/2022 (Pay Period: 10/23/2022 – 11/5/2022)

  • Human Resources
  • Hopkins Center
  • Student Affairs

Phase 4 – 1/30/2023 (Pay Period: 1/15/2023 – 1/28/2023)

  • Advancement
  • Campus Services
  • Presidents Division

Corrections prior to the Payroll Processing Period

Supervisors and employees are encouraged to work with their Finance Center or the Dartmouth Payroll Office if they have questions on what steps are needed to correct the employee hours and pay. If there is missing, or incorrect time discovered on Monday following the close of the pay period and the timecard has been approved: 

  1. The Employee or the Supervisor will email the Finance Center copying the Supervisor or Employee, respectively, to request the timecard be unapproved.
  2. The Finance Center will unapproved the timecard and email the Employee and Supervisor that the timecard is available for editing.
  3. The Employee will make their corrections to the timecard and email the Finance Center and the Supervisor that the edits are complete. 
  4. The Finance Center will reapprove the timecard, take a snapshot of the final timecard, and email the snapshot of the final timecard to the Supervisor and Employee for final review.

Kronos Incorrect Student Time Policy

This process is intended to address the circumstance when the student employee has not responded to the supervisor’s email notification of a timecard error prior to payroll cut-off. This process is applicable when a specific timecard error is known and can be documented by the supervisor that the student did or did not work. This process is not intended to address recurring behavior or potential instances of fraudulently recorded hours.

Read the full Correcting Student Time Policy.

Corrections after the Payroll Processing Period

Employers and employees are encouraged to work with their Finance Center or the Dartmouth Payroll Office if they have questions on what steps are needed to correct the employee hours and pay. If a staff or student employee discovers a mistake in their timecard or needs to revise their hours for any reason following the close of the payroll period, the employer and employee must use the form below to correct the error.

The Payroll Office will process corrections with the next payroll when submitted by the deadline.

You will need to download the form above, complete the information requested, print it and send it to the Payroll Office at HB 6161.

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