Employee Time Management Supervisor Training

This material is intended to provide supervisors guidance on Employee Time Management for Non-Exempt (hourly-paid) regular & student employees.

Establish Expectation with Employees for Timecard Reporting

It is the supervisor's responsibility to establish clear expectations that reinforce Dartmouth's policies on Time Reporting for Hourly Staff and Time Reporting for Hourly Student Employees.

  • Supervisors must ensure that employees are paid for all time worked.
  • Supervisors must not falsify, alter, or incorrectly report time worked by an employee, or instruct or advise an employee to do the same. Any of these actions are grounds for corrective action, up to and including termination.
  • Supervisors must encourage that an employee who has worked 5 consecutive hours has a meal period free from any work responsibilities.
  • Supervisors must ensure that an employee who misses a meal period or whose meal period is interrupted is paid for the meal period.
  • Supervisors must ensure that they review all timekeeping records and submit corrections for any errors or omissions before they are submitted for payment or after payment, if necessary.
  • Supervisors must discuss and document any changes to the timekeeping record created by an employee and have the employee record their consent to the change. If the employee disputes the accuracy of any time adjustments, for wage payment purposes the dispute must be resolved in favor of the employee absent indisputable evidence that the adjusted time is correct. Under no circumstances may an employee be paid for less time than he or she actually worked.
  • Supervisors should report disputes that are not resolved to Human Resources.
  • Supervisors must complete Employee Time Management training upon hire or promotion into a management role and on a periodic basis thereafter, as required by Human Resources and Payroll.

Best Practices for Time Reporting

  • Employees understand the expectation for hours worked, breaks, overtime, and paid time off
  • Worked time reported the day of work with actual
  • All time reported by 11:59 PM, Saturday Pay Period End (PPE)
  • For Biweekly Employees review Time Detail Report reviewed by Supervisor Monday morning after PPE
  • For Student Employees review timesheets within the TimesheetX To Do Items
  • All corrections and approvals are required to be complete by 12:00 PM on Monday after PPE

Biweekly Employee Kronos Timecard Review

Time Detail Reports will be generated to supervisors by 7:00 AM Monday. Supervisors should review these reports for accuracy and completeness. 

Review Time Detail

Supervisors should verify account, pay code, and hours reported on the employee time detail for each employee supervised. 

Employee Time Detail Review: Verify information for accuracyReview Transaction Totals

Verify that hour totals by date, pay code, and pay period appear accurate to the employees previous two week work schedule, including work and non-work time reporting. 

Review Employee Transaction Totals


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