Central Stores Stockroom

Central Stores carries various custodial, maintenance, repair, safety and office supplies, computer supplies and furniture items.

COVID-19 supply orders. You can order supplies necessary to return to campus by using this order form.  Please note that you have to be approved to be back on campus before ordering any supplies.  Also, we are asking individuals to order the minimum needed to return to campus safely.  At this time, many of the supplies are difficult to source so if you order more often that will insure we have supplies for others to return. 

COVID-19 supply order form

Location & Hours

56 Etna Road, Room 102
Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Departments may pick up supplies during open hour:

  • Monday - Friday, 7:30AM - 12:00 pm and 12:30PM - 4:00PM

Orders may be delivered to campus locations. These deliveries are made daily, with the exception of weekends and College holidays.

All inventory transactions are processed daily through the Oracle Applications Inventory System.

If you have items you are frequently purchasing it may be more advantageous to have these items stocked in the Central Stores inventory. We may be able to acquire these items at a lesser price with no shipping costs to your department. Please contact the Stockroom Manager to discuss this request.

Contact Information

  • Hinman Box: 6114
  • Phone: (603) 646-3289
  • Fax: (603) 646-3862

Request an Item

Complete and submit the Internal Stockroom Requisition Form to request an item from a current stockroom.

Central Stores Gas Pump System

The Central Stores operation is responsible for the gas pump system located in the FO&M yard. All College vehicles are able to utilize this gas pump system. Gas keys are available through Inventory Operations and are programmed with an access code and the account string provided. Inventory transactions for gasoline usage are processed monthly. For additional information, please contact the Stockroom Manager at (603) 646-2813.

Central Stores Gas Pump Instructions With Pin Number

  1. Insert green key in either slot, turn key and follow directions.
  2. Enter pin #: (Enter 4 digit pin #)
  3. Select pump: #1
  4. Hit enter
  5. Turn key and remove from slot
  6. Pump is activated

Central Stores Gas Pump Instructions Without Pin Number

  1. Insert green key in either slot, turn key and follow directions.
  2. Select pump: #1
  3. Hit enter
  4. Turn key and remove from slot.
  5. Pump is activated.

Additional Information

  • Emergency shut off switch will shut pump off immediately. You will need to restart pump to continue.
  • If key is left in slot after activating pump or with no action for longer than 80 seconds an alarm will start beeping.
  • If no action is taken for 90 seconds the pump will shut off. You will need to restart pump to continue.
  • Three unsuccessful tries will deactivate key. Notify Dana Kennedy (603-646-2813) to reactivate key.
  • Five starts with no action will DISABLE the pump system. Notify Dana Kennedy to enable the pump again.
  • Power failure may scramble pump system. Notify Dana Kennedy to enable the pump again.
  • If gas pump is out of service - a contract has been set up with Hanover Coop. Service Center for College Vehicles only. You must sign the gas slip and note your name, the vehicle number and license plate number.

Loaner Chair Program

Procurement Services has implemented a Loaner Chair Program with our contracted furniture vendor and are stocked in Central Stores and are readily available for departmental needs. The purpose of the Loaner Chair Program is to allow employees to try chairs from our stocking program for up to five days prior to buying them. Many chairs are designed to accommodate specific ergonomic requirements. It is virtually impossible to make this procurement decision from looking at a chair or simply sitting in it once. Although the chairs in our program include a variety of ergonomic features, one chair does not necessarily accommodate every individual. These chairs have been reviewed for functional and structural requirements. They have various ergonomic adjustments that are explained to you upon delivery. Typically about ninety percent of the end-users select one of the Steelcase products.

The following chairs are available through our stocking program:

  • Option 1: Steelcase Leap Chair with height, width and pivot arms and with adjustable seat depth.
  • Option 2: Steelcase Amia chair with height, width and pivot arms and with adjustable seat depth.

To discuss the Loaner Chair Program or to make an appointment to see the chairs, please contact Denise L. Moses in Procurement Services at (603) 646-3228.

Fed Ex Delivery and Shipping

Central Stores is one of the Fed Ex delivery and shipping points for Dartmouth College. To utilize this service, please have all packages clearly marked with shipping labels (labels must include a Dartmouth College return address). Please attach a note to each package that includes the complete account string to be charged and the method of shipping. If no special instructions are attached, packages will be shipped via Fed Ex ground. If any additional insurance is required, please specify the amount to be insured. 

Packages may be delivered to Central Stores for Fed Ex shipping anytime between the hours of 7:30 am - 12.00 pm and 12:30 pm -3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Requests for packages to be picked up must be made 24 hours in advance. The pick up will be scheduled with normal Central Stores stock deliveries. If you have any questions regarding the Fed Ex delivery and shipping process, please contact Central Stores at (603) 646-3289.

The billing for Fed Ex shipments from Central Stores is processed weekly, charging your account string. If you have any questions regarding billing charges, please contact Dana Kennedy at (603) 646-2813.

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