Becoming a Supplier

If selected to provide goods and services to Dartmouth, suppliers must have a vendor record (if one does not exist), or a request to update your supplier record. Full supplier records include details on how we will transact purchases including payment terms and diversity status and certification.

New Supplier Onboarding

PaymentWorks Vendor Portal

The following documents are required in order to complete your vendor record: 

New Supplier Classification Form

Independent Contractors

In lieu of the above New Supplier Classification Form, Independent Contractors, must complete the 
Independent Consultant/Independent Contractor Service Agreement. Review the Independent Contractor Policy for more information.

Tax Forms: 

One of the following must accompany the New Supplier Classification Form or Independent Consultant/Independent Contracter Service Agreement Form:

U.S. Resident Suppliers

Non-Resident Suppliers


International Staffing

Review the International Staffing Policy when employing or engaging individuals to carry out activities in non-U.S. locations.

Insurance Requirements

Vendors are required to submit evidence of insurance coverage showing name of insurance company, coverage limits, and expiration date. Insurance coverage should be in accordance with the College insurance requirements. If there are any questions pertaining to this requirement, you may contact the Office of Risk and Internal Controls Services at (603) 646-2441.

Requirements for Vendors Providing Catering Services and Food

Food vendors providing a  service for Dartmouth College are required to file proof of insurance and food service license with Procurement Services before commencing any work or deliveries on campus.

Approved Food Provider Guidelines for Food Providers
Approved Food Truck Providers Guidelines
Approved Caterers and Food Providers List

Managing your Vendor Record

When any of the following changes occur about your business a New Supplier Classification Form and/or Tax Forms must be submitted to Procurement Services

  • Organizational information including company name and associated addresses
  • Contact information for key personnel
  • Business details including goods / services provided
  • Business classifications including small and / or diverse business status
  • Preferred purchase order dispatch
  • Preferred payment methods
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