Other Payments

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is responsible for the billing of non-student College goods and service charges.

Information on the following topics is available from Accounts Receivable:

  • Frequently Billed Charges
  • Details on services charged to employees

Merchant Accounts

The purpose of the Merchant Credit Card Policy is to protect our customers’ credit card data, to uphold the College’s reputation, to reduce the financial costs associated with a breach of credit card information and to outline best practices for all aspects of credit card transactions.

Receiving Electronic Payments

Vendors prefer to send funds electronically, which saves them time, money and paper. If your vendor has decided to go with Electronic Payments instead of Checks, please refer to the following policy and guidelines in ensuring a smooth transition.

Deposits, Cash Advances, & Petty Cash

Information about the Cash handling policy, deposits, cash advances, and petty cash.

Returning Funds for Personal Expenses

When personal expenses are charged to a corporate card or procurement card (P-Card), it is important to return these funds to Dartmouth College as soon as possible and we are making it easier for you to do just that. We now accept credit and debit cards for returning funds for personal expenses. 

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