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Diebold Lookup Tool

This tool is provided by Computing.

Purpose: Used by department employees for looking up the CBORD CSGold/9-Digit number from the NetID associated with ID cards for processing transactions without card swipe entry.

Recommendation: Departments are advised to collect the NetID number from students, and to not require students to provide the 9-digit number.

Department Charge Accounts

About Department Charge Accounts

The Dartmouth Card Office provides the Department Charge card for business-related dining purchases on-campus, as approved and requested by a department administrator. The Department Charge card is only authorized for use in accordance with the Procurement Card and Corporate Travel Card policies. In summary, the College requires justification for all purchases. The department may be asked by the College to provide justification for transaction use on the Department Charge card account.

In order to set up a Department Charge account, a GL Chart String number is required. Any transactions occurring on the Department Charge account accumulate during the month, and a monthly balance is journaled for billing to the provided GL Chart String number. Multiple cards can be assigned to the same Department Charge account. Also, multiple accounts can be created for different GL Chart Strings as needed.

As the journal/billed amount is a monthly total, reports can be generated for more detail upon request. If further information is needed, the report can help identify the specific transactions which comprise the total. To request reports for the Department Charge account, an email should be sent to the Dartmouth Card Office including the specific account number or GL Chart String.

There is no termination date assigned to Department Charge accounts. Use on the Department Charge accounts is at the discretion of the department.

Meal Plans Purchased for Department Account Use

The named Department account holder contacts may request to have meals applied to the department charge account, billable to the account chart string. The department meals are available in blocks of 10 by meal period. The cost rate is available upon request. The meals work at ’53 Commons only.

Required Information

  • GL Chart String number # (Note: the Natural Class is pre-determined.)
  • Account Description (Note: this is used for naming the Department Card)
  • Department approver and/or responsible account holders’ names

Requests should be emailed to the Dartmouth Card Office, and will be reviewed before processing takes place.

Terminated Employees

Return of Employee ID Card

At the discretion of the department, ID cards for terminated or resigned employees can be collected by supervisors. This is not a requirement of the DartCard office.

The ID card should not be mailed to the DartCard office. If collected, the ID card should be shredded by the department.

Termination of Access

Access can be disabled in two ways.

Access is terminated as part of the normal termination procedure. Standard termination procedure deactivates the ID card and all related access levels. (More information about the termination procedure is overseen by Human Resources and Access Control.) 

Alternately, access can be terminated via work order to the Work Control Office.


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